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  1. nosox

    Coping with lockdown.

    apparently Tasikmalaya is locking down tomorrow 1 April. Speaking to the neighbour who works at Yogya... they had a bunch of "new faces" in the store buying lots and lots of stuff yesterday.......... grrrr
  2. nosox

    IP Address Blocked

    me tooo Thanks for fixing it up guys
  3. nosox

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    apparently Yogya (the grocery store) is starting their social distancing policy today. 1 metre between customers in line and hand sanitiser at the entrance
  4. nosox

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    round here folks are more worried about dengue as there have been several local cases. The foggers just were by.
  5. nosox

    Formula Eeee

    ya it may end up just being a face saver for him
  6. nosox

    Loveable Indonesia Pos

    Pos Indonesia usually helpful for me too. Recently sent a package to my daughter in Alaska and while it wasn't cheap I was confused by their pricing....... sending it the'quick" way 7-10 days was one price and the "slow" way, 2 weeks- 1 month was 25% more.......... HUH????
  7. nosox

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    isn't he the guy who got kicked out of the Indonesian medical association for his brain flushing stroke cure?
  8. nosox

    Scotland, October 2019 Album

    awesome pics..... now I'm homesick
  9. nosox

    Garden visitors

    this fella showed up the other day
  10. nosox

    Happy New Year all

    happy new year
  11. nosox

    Garden visitors

    as previously suggested.... stampede
  12. nosox


    for a nominal fee I can dispatch the dead cockroach disposal squad
  13. nosox


    there is only the spout haha flavour was fine
  14. nosox


    and then for the second time a drowned/boiled cicak at the bottom of my coffee pot :(
  15. nosox


    last week our internet was out from a rat chewing the cable, then this morning the power is out after a squirrel got into the transformer across the road :(
  16. nosox

    home internet provider

    Indihome is great for us here. Also the service guy we use is freakin' awesome..... his motto is "nothing is impossible"
  17. nosox

    halal paint

    I guess if you're a wall licker
  18. nosox

    halal paint

    I had thought I had seen it all with the halal fridges, but here we go with halal paint I can only say WTF!!!
  19. nosox

    Big earthquake near Jakarta?

    we felt it out here in Ciamis
  20. nosox

    Stem cell therapy?

    when i was working I had knee cartilage trouble. Glucosamine supplement and aspirin was pretty effective for me. A couple of times the knee would fail though which was a bit embarrassing :) I went to an orthopedic surgeon who did orthroscopic surgery and cleaned out all the torn cartilage. Let...

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