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    dual passport for child

    thank you very much for that we will go to imgrassi here and register her as a dual citizen
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    dual passport for child

    Ok Thanks for that i was issued in Batam we have been in and out about a dozen times with no problems im just concerned now that it may show up that when we leave and re-enter singapore there is nothing in between as we will be using the aus passport
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    dual passport for child

    thanks for the reply 2) her Indonesian passport was issued at 5 weeks and does not state anything about dual citzenship? 3) yes i am named in full on birth cert
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    dual passport for child

    Hi All My 18 month old daughter( born in Indonesia) has just received her Australian Passport so she now has Dual Indonesian and Australian passports. My Questions are 1) We are going to Australia next month and i planned to leave Indonesia on her Indonesian passport enter and leave Singapore...

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