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    Kitas renewal fail

    Yes unfortunately there is a new nasi regime... I'm glad you made the grade! It's pretty much harder than making the original or previous renewals. I have been informed they have refused numerous applications.... Now ... Just wait till you get the home visit. This time they came all 7 of them...
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    Traffic Ticket

    For a local the fine might be 50 ribu... Just tell them and sling them 100...
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    Anti-gay hiring practices? . Ironic though tragic...seeing that he was an out gay who was against same sex marriage and gay participation in education.
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    Kitas renewal fail

    Thanks for your help and encouragement. I picked up my stamped passport today.
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    Kitas renewal fail

    Jatim, pnrgo
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    Anti-gay hiring practices?

    It's not my business unless they touch my leg inaproprietly or try to toungue kiss me! Whether homosexuality is genetic or environmental is still disputed. Is tolerance something you wish to engender in your society or do you wish everyone to be like you. Different pressure groups of comprised...
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    Kitas renewal fail

    Well.. can you imagine! When we fronted the next day the boss was busy and I / we had to wait...come lunchtime and my wife insisted we pray in the onsite Mushola... Whilst sumbyang the boss slipped out and didn't come back... a 6 hour round trip on top of a wasted day... The following morning...
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    Kitas renewal fail

    Thankyou very much for your reply. I will attempt to try this tack today.
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    Kitas renewal fail

    The new 'boss' of our local imigrasi office is refusing to renew my Itas on the grounds that I didn't pay on a certain date that he specified. (The 23rd December) The date on the payment sheet issued by the Department of Imigrasi said due by the 31st December. I did attempt to pay on the 23rd...

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