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    Indonesia to cut import duty exemption to $3 ??

    Thank you for your advice. I've already contacted custom and hotline but they clearly told me it's based on the expedition date not the arrival date. Surprisingly tax was calculated in Bali not in Jakarta. If I live in Jakarta, I might have got away from tax but it took 14 days after the custom...
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    Indonesia to cut import duty exemption to $3 ??

    If it's my country, import tax would be charged based on the date of import. But here.. They kept my goods for 14 days till 6 February and charged 50% based on tle new regulations after it was effective. If they process it straight away on 24January, I didn't have to pay tax since it was under $75.
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    Indonesia to cut import duty exemption to $3 ??

    Hi Balifrog, Higher taxes are for clothing, bags and shoes and no tax on such as books. The value written on the package was $25, no shipping fee because it was included in the price. Somehow they generated shipping fee and calculated as below. CIF [email protected],699=Rp342,475 Bae Masuk 25% from...
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    Indonesia to cut import duty exemption to $3 ??

    Hi I purchased 3pcs clothes online which arrived at Jakarta on 24 Jan and cleared from custom on 28 Jan. This new tax regulation was effective on 30 Jan but my goods were taxed almost 50% of the value which they calculate as (goods value + shipping fee +insurance). According to them, they...

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