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  1. jstar

    Visa Options for ex-WNI (Vitas, Kitas, Kitap)

    True. But it sucks to get wrong information in '19 from an official esp. if it has an impact (financially and organizationally).
  2. jstar

    Mixed Marriage outside of Indonesia

    Officially it's up to 30 years old. So I would just ignore it. (Mention Non Applicable.)
  3. jstar

    Religious education for dual nationality kids

    ⬆ And you can only marry someone who supports the same football club as you do.
  4. jstar

    Using IDP (International Driving Permit) In Indonesia

    Which country, @Ajitesh27 ? If it's India, you should apply at your Regional Transport Office (RTO). The form can be downloaded on Motor Vehicles Department Kerala:
  5. jstar

    [FOR SALE] Laverde Serpong BSD Tangerang - House 2 Floors 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms

    That it's a special bule price. Normally those Laverde houses don't go for much more than 1.7 billion.
  6. jstar

    social pass on bandung

    Ah okay, extension of your Indonesian visit visa. The problem is that in Bandung not so many agents, but it seems you can find them at the Kantor Imigrasi itself:
  7. jstar

    Van religie veranderen

    Sure, on this forum. A poster @Bad_azz wrote down all the steps etc.
  8. jstar

    Religious education for dual nationality kids

    The public schools in many Western European countries have quite good solutions in place; you can choose the religion you want to be educated in. (Any! They have to provide for instance Shinto or Sikhism teachers if those are selected.) And for those who are not religious, during those hours...
  9. jstar

    Visa Options for ex-WNI (Vitas, Kitas, Kitap)

    I didn't think the 2 year rule applies to ex-WNI? I thought they can get an ITAP immediately after their ITAS? @Banana72 will know...
  10. jstar

    Bringing medication into Indonesia

    Now that goes for everything of course, you can take; more than 1 liter of alcohol, more than 100 million in cash......but the moment they decide to check you.....
  11. jstar

    Religious education for dual nationality kids

    Because there has to be one God (I know I know, but Soekarno was smart to find a solution for the Balinese).
  12. jstar

    social pass on bandung

    I don't get it; why would you need a sponsor in Bandung to enter Malaysia? Most citizenships get a 90 or 30 day visa free entrance and for those with Indian or Chinese citizenships, there is eVisa and eNTRI. And if -as an Indian citizen for instance- you come from Indonesia there's a VoA...
  13. jstar

    Van religie veranderen

    Officially according to the constitution (grondwet) anyone can have the religion they choose of course. So it is possible to change this (on the KTP). And to avoid conflict, people around you don't really need to know. But religions like Christianity (Protestant or Catholic) will not just marry...
  14. jstar


    This could be true. Some decades ago I had a serious relationship with a Chinese lady in HK. High level western educated and smart, she made it very clear career was important, and the not coming home before midnight from work was something that would not stop. Now she also wanted kids. And...
  15. jstar

    Looking for international telecom provider/app

    Yolla is not bad. Of course you have to buy credit. The same for Skype if you want to call landlines. I checked Mongolia and saw that Yolla is almost ten (10!) times cheaper than Skype, 2.5 dollar-cent per minute versus 22.2 dollar-cent to call to a Mongolian landline. I had great and not so...
  16. jstar

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    There was a big spike in reported cases. Then it got known that there were not enough test kits, so now the medical staff can ‘determine’ and report Covid-19 based on the symptoms and condition of patients only.
  17. jstar

    Indonesia to cut import duty exemption to $3 ??

    Not the way to operate but not surprising either. Currently big delays btw. Also for clearance of containers contents in Tanjung Priok.
  18. jstar

    Travelling on Vitas

    The weird thing is that the (e-mail) confirmation -okay let’s call it telex- is very different from the one that another poster ( @Lila ) received. In fact, it looks more like the confirmation e-mail you’d receive after the embassy visit. I can only imagine leaving Indonesia while still on...
  19. jstar


    Ever considered that ‘focusing on professional opportunities’ could be the reason one doesn’t get a relationship? Or that the chance is higher they will end prematurely?
  20. jstar

    Travelling on Vitas

    No, that is the old website. Here you see the steps and how it should look like:

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