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  1. ericjancoen

    Today is Batik Day!

    i think it's Thursday, wearing traditional outfit day/ batik day
  2. ericjancoen

    Enrolling in postgraduate study at Indonesian university

    took my post graduate degree at University of Indonesia few years back, ask away, i will answer them if i could
  3. ericjancoen

    work permit for foreigner

    technically you can convert the C.V (Perseroan Komanditer/Commanditaire Vennootschap (CV) into P.T (Perseroan Terbatas). the company have more responsibility but it also come with more benefit. try consulting your notary about it.
  4. ericjancoen

    The Case of Baiq Nuril: Miscarriage of Justice

    i think the legal problem is not the harassment, but "wiretapping" then spreading it on the internet, the higher court decide her action does indeed violate UU ITE, regardless of the harassment issue.
  5. ericjancoen

    Pre/postnups revisited

    the point of prenups agreement is to protect both party "in case" they get separated. sure you can take vow to be together forever but who know what the future brings. if the worse case happens with prenups agreement both party will leave the marriage with no hassle because they treated to be...
  6. ericjancoen

    Leasehold Rental tax

    easy version, transfer of sale tax is (PPh) 2,5% payed by seller, Buyer Tax (BPHTB) 5% payed by buyer. for the notary opinion i think you should go to local PPAT (Pejabat Pembuat Akta Tanah) where the property is located ex. Badung, Gianyar, Denpasar Etc and it is free.
  7. ericjancoen

    Notary/Lawyer Suggestion in Bandung for Post-Nup (Separation of Property)

    going to point some local custom in bali when buying property, usually the seller want total price "amount" gross, so the all tax burden fall to the buyer. PPh 2,5% and BPHTB 5% totaling 7,5% added from their price. and the buyer required to have NPWP PPh = Income Tax, payed by seller. BPHTB =...
  8. ericjancoen

    Company house may not have Internet connection , what mobile solution is best?

    first check which ISP/ mobile provider least congested in your area, i am in Bali and mobile provider "Three" works like a charm, i just buy their SIM Card and put it in Mobile Wifi / MiFi and i have connection everywhere i go for reasonable price.
  9. ericjancoen

    Not so smart...

    i overheard once that those who complained about mosque loudspeaker were the devil because the devil could't stand the word of Allah or something like that. its like the saying arguing with pig in a mud, by the end of the day you realize the pig love it. took me about two weeks for my head to...
  10. ericjancoen

    Indonesian actress in trouble for insulting city on Instagram

    well, in my observation the people of Papuan are very proud people. in a sense they are very traditional. so i understand why small matter like this can become troublesome, as if the artist insulted their holy ancestor or something, heck their resolution if there is problem between community is...
  11. ericjancoen

    Legal Help on Property & rights on 49% ownership

    hey Robert, since you are married under the Indonesian Marriage Law and no marriage contract, you are entitled to half of everything's at the start of the marriage with your wife. this can be found in Article 35 of Indonesian Marriage Law that stated property that acquired during marriage become...
  12. ericjancoen

    What sort of money do you guys pay for your glasses?

    i payed around Rp400.000~Rp600.000 for my daily reading glasses just to get the jobs done and around Rp2000.000ish for Nikon set because i like the design and its super light weight. but i am saving money for LASIK treatment.
  13. ericjancoen

    Legal Help on Property & rights on 49% ownership

    greetings Robert, i am sorry about what happen to you, and i hope you can get trough it okay. before answering your question may we know the status of your marriage and citizenship? does your marriage follow Indonesian Marriage Law or Australian one?
  14. ericjancoen

    Buying land

    i am sorry my post have made some confusion, by "partner" in my previous post i mean business partner. someone who will have share in the new company and share the burden in making the new company, i only assumed there will be a company from OP post. regarding Hak Pakai can also owned by...
  15. ericjancoen

    Buying land

    depend on what the land used for, the regulation differ for each type of right. tell us a bit more about this. i assume the entity who will own the right will be a business/ a legal entity, lets assume that part is done. the business will be able to own property under these titles,1. right for...
  16. ericjancoen

    What do I need to know? - Moving to Indonesia

    sorry if i am out of topic, but generally Indonesian people or Asian in general is family oriented people, they do anything to help families member, they come with benefit and some cost of privacy. ask your wife family about the idea you moved here, so you have an idea, what kind of support you...
  17. ericjancoen

    Director liabilities

    some point i want you to look for: 1. read your company article of association (Anggaran Dasar), should be somewhere in article 11 (Pasal 11) about Director, you find everything you need about the position there. 2. make sure the previous director have properly dismissed or will be dismissed...
  18. ericjancoen

    Food for thought

    friend of mine who worked at a restaurant once tell me, the case above happens because most of their guest ordered something familiar first then open up to the local dishes, plus local guest are also ordering western type food so the demand is there, at my friend restaurant the western type food...
  19. ericjancoen

    Data registration for pre-paid phone SIM cards

    registration period until: 28 February 2018. 1~ 31 March 2018: Sim-card will be partially blocked (you cant call or send sms) 1~15 April 2018: fully blocked. pass that your card will invalid. that is what the news says.

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