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    Red Sea Wrecks - diving trip

    Your contributions are always welcome Pak Wisnu!
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    MOD: Caliphate or Islamic State is a possibility 20-30 years from now

    Pulau marah is ok, just damned dangerous.
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    gardeners please help

    Has it good drainage? They don't like wet feet.
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    Try "wild rice".
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    Language Shift

    After a social gathering last night I heard my wife use "asisten" for the first time. She explained that the individual was not employed for housework rather for personal support, accompanying the employer while travelling etc.
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    New Zealand Terror Attack

    Best of all the go fund me is for the kid's "legal defence, and more eggs".
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    How long have you been away from home?

    Ohzhit! Welcome back!
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    Visit Visa - Socio Cultural conversion to KITAS

    Someone here reported that kanim Jember were running the vitas only story a while ago.
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    Where have you worked in Indonesia?

    Jeruk, chilli, padi not so much.
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    Where have you worked in Indonesia?

    I've spent a fair bit of time (unpaid) in the sawah in east java.
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    Hand Phone Etiquette - Indonesian Style

    It's the railway sleepers I'm worried about!
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    Hand Phone Etiquette - Indonesian Style

    It happens in Australia too. I get nervous when someone is having a loud conversation in the quiet carriage of the train - it may disturb the sleepers!
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    Credit card for foreigner

    Bankers only express vague regret ...
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    Hukum Kampung

    So he failed to pull the wool over your wife's eyes?
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    Kitap complications.

    Davita there is no conflict in having PR status for Australia and retaining one's Indonesian passport. It's standard practice.
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    Indonesia - Most Livable Cities Index 2018

    Waarmie's got form. Don't get him started on Vegemite!
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    Where’s the water

    The more water you extract the deeper Jakarta will sink.
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    Ministry of Agriculture Announces Intention To Ban Dog Meat Trade

    "Orang a la orange". Shades of "The Cook, the Thief .."

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