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    Dual Citizen Help

    It seems that you have fallen through a crack in the system, you're probably safe where you are at now, but the price for that is that anything Canada-related is off the agenda. The only "loose end" in this situation, IMO, is that even though you don't hold a Canadian passport, you are a...
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    Dual Citizen Help

    Yes. As others have said you need to give more information especially about whether you're above 21 or not. I'm assuming here the situation is that you have gotten a Canadian passport and whether above 21 or not, this has not been reported to the Indonesian Embassy in Canada. I'll try to answer...
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    Company KITAS to wife KITAP questions

    Just a bit confused about the timeline here. I got that you switched from company-sponsored Kitas to wife-sponsored Kitas but I'm not certain how long you were on the wife-sponsored Kitas when you applied for the wife-sponsored Kitap. Could you clarify that for me? Yes this is the same...
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    'Golden Visa' Ministerial Decree 22/2023

    Jokowi feels that Immigration has and should play a role in helping to facilitate investment
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    The Second Home Visa Impact on Ex-WNIs Thread

    All right, just so we're not starting a new thread, here are some notes about the new "Golden Visa" Permenkumham as it relates to "Exes" based on : Article 51: Ex-WNIs can apply for a 2-year Kitas. Sponsor required. Article 52...
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    'Golden Visa' Ministerial Decree 22/2023

    I'm going to re-read again more closely to be certain but what I'm seeing is that ex-WNIs can now apply to stay in Indonesia without any sponsors being required anymore. Try to look for the keyword "tanpa penjamin" in the file and other than seniors wishing to retire Indonesia and "Tokoh Dunia"...
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    Hello from a soon-to-be ex from the US

    Congratulations. Any ceremony involved or is it a matter of receiving a citizenship certificate in the mail?
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    Ex Wni to be allowed to work, open up business and own property

    From: This article was posted in the Visa section of the forum but might contain some things of interest for Jakartan exes here especially when looking to own a home. WNAs are eligible to buy a...
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    Back as an upper-middle income country, but will Indonesia be trapped there?

    I think if you want to see some insights of how "urbanites" think, the best way is in seeing them impart their knowledge to their children. Recently my son was in a queue in front of another kid and was very surprised when the other kid's parent said to their kid "If you see a gap, just go into...
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    Back as an upper-middle income country, but will Indonesia be trapped there?

    I daresay it's a crapshoot. I've seen kids who become full of empathy for those who are of a lower social class, I've seen kids who horrify their parents by becoming better at whatever regional language the pembantu uses than English, and yes I've seen kids who after being spoiled by their...
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    Back as an upper-middle income country, but will Indonesia be trapped there?

    That's actually not a bad idea. Considering that not just Indomie, but other Indonesian FMCGs are consumed overseas and has a market there, I don't think there has ever been a government effort to actively promote such things. I suppose that it's a reflection of how much they value education...
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    VITAS to KITAS conversion in one day?

    Congratulations to you for experiencing this development. This is quite impressive for an immigration office that's not in a big city where bureaucracy horror stories seem to happen more often.
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    Ex-WNI Entering Indonesia with Foreign Passport

    I know I'm quoting myself here but I just got back from Singapore a few days ago and went through something similar when checking in for departure from Singapore. Got questions about my Kitap though I was not asked about whether I had "one or two passports". Such questioning was definitely not...
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    No Indonesian Culture

    To be frank, I'm always amazed how Sukarno would get off scot free in these kinds of discussions and nobody would say anything about inflation reaching 500% ( There's a lot wrong about Suharto but he got it right that Indonesia had...
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    No Indonesian Culture

    I think that’s because in the West, there’s little to no gap between how things are on paper and how things are in practice. In Indonesia, the surprise happens when how things are on paper and how things are in practice correlate with each other. I’ve always seen this as an extension of the...
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    No Indonesian Culture

    This is a tricky question. I would say that even within one aspect of culture, not everything should be passed on. I want to say that the kekeluargaan thing, that sense of being part of a tight-knit extended family as opposed to "just" being a nuclear family is something worth passing on...
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    KITAP extension, Tangerang

    Do keep us posted. I am curious what problems emerge, if they do, for someone wanting to do a Kitap extension without an agent. The problems I have encountered and a few others on the forum, seem to emerge when they are about to do a Kitas to Kitap conversion.
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    KITAP extension, Tangerang

    About 20% above that in Jakarta for the agent I used for my Kitas-Kitap conversion very recently. Maybe a Jakarta-Tangerang price discrepancy. It is pricey but the only thing that's keeping me from wanting to do my immigration processes is running into an official at the Kanim with their own...
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    Visa Options for ex-WNI (Vitas, Kitas, Kitap)

    They just don't want to let go of you that easily do they. MERP is every two years right?
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    Visa Options for ex-WNI (Vitas, Kitas, Kitap)

    I figure I'll put this here. But in the last week or so, I finally had my Kitap issued. And yesterday, it was the turn of my KTP-OA to be issued so I can now officially get off the Annual Immigration Stress Bandwagon. Just want to say thank you for this forum, in particular this thread for...

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