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    [FOR SALE] URGENT SALE: Rare Beautiful & Large Family Home in East Jakarta

    I fart around removing extra dot in url and just google the address.
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    Eye bag removal surgery

    Lol, wish the transformation from gadun to brondong is that simple. Heard it from the grapevine you eventually need to visit the legendary one-stop Mac Errot clinic for the ultimate dramatic change! Anyway good luck with your search.
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    Novak Djokovic fights against deportation

    not unless he plays badminton in my kampung super grand slam
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    For a little fun...

    “You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky? Well, do you, punk? Go ahead, make my day"
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    The "Bule" Discussion

    Miss N damage is already done they said the word “indonesia” sounds just like a medical condition and next thing you know you will be known in Texas as a Bahasian immigrant who speak Languagian.
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    The "Bule" Discussion

    bugil (bule gila) sudah bule jelek lagi! bu le, pa le
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    Moving to Indonesia as foreign employed “contractor”

    okay, that's it. no more balado jengkol dan peuteuy for you!
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    Extended SIX weeks more

    ^Banana you are some brave soul, first they gave sweet incentive- a live chicken-so you motivated to get a jab now to sweeten the pot they let you go in the mall only after you gave them your private infos
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    Lots of wrongdoings get a pass because it's "nggak enak"

    Ha ha can confirm, as a random FOB bule ever said that the biggest culture shock in Indonesia is not hot spicy food, cebok and using toilet paper as table napkins in warung or even the loud noises from masajid in the wee hours of the morning. No, the biggest culture shock is indeed driving and...
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    First jab done

    According to local paper Pikiran Rakyat that might be a hoax.
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    Campaign to hate foreign products

    I give Jokowi the benefit of the doubt, he is probably flexing his bahasa gaul, “Benci” (hate) is an acronym slang for BENer bener CInta (really love)
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    How to obtain Indonesian Citizenship

    I see you're a man of culture :)
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    Secular Indonesian groups warn govt to save democracy

    And now its time!…….5 rounds of title fight, introducing fighting out of the blue corner, wearing a sarung and sendal jepit and undefeated the challenger ………. and fighting out of the red corner, reigning and defending, the champion from the kornfield kounty…….. (Bruce Buffer ring announcer)
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    Jakarta Post to lay off employees, may go under.

    ' 4:26. Bruh was that you?
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    America on Fire

    OK Proud Boy, stand back and stand by. Let pak RT do his work.
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    Happy Eid!

    Selamat Idul Fitri Wilujeng Lebaran
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    Halo teman-teman

    Lol, maybe El Goretto should’ve up dated his tag line to “Mueller Ain’t Got Anything” or No Collusion, No Obstruction Total Exoneration! :tape:
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    Looking for Indonesian song!

    Update: I found the song by chance it's Deen Assalam (by Sulaiman Al Mughni) this is one of the Indonesian cover :

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