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    Replacement affidavit letter

    I have a friend who could not leave; son came in on his expat country origin passport while his Indonesian passport had expired. Immigrasi demanded the original birth certificate etc etc etc before moving forward. I'm suggesting to have original copies wherever possible - perhaps a set with...
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    The Legalities of Working as Consultant on Spouse ITAP

    There is no employment agreement with a spouse; she is responsible for completing the work-scope in the contact for consulting as laid out in her CV licensing. - This is a very loose mechanism IF a firm desires to have your services. I am not in a position to share more information regarding...
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    The Legalities of Working as Consultant on Spouse ITAP

    Have your wife start a CV and make a contract to supply technical services. You then work for her. I've finally met a fellow KITAP holder who works for a large multinational. In their office they obtained 2 signed independent legal opinions from 2 top law firms. It is still "grey" but, as...
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    DNA test for family research

    We met with a WNI MD geneticist here who is registered with the American Medical Association. At the time (2015) she mentioned that there were legal issues regarding sending out for testing (apparently a cabinet minister had done some "grey area" stuff a few years back and the DPR jumped on it...
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    Any programmers out there?

    HI folks - I'm hoping I could find someone or get recommendations for some programming in Office for Mac. I'm wanting to populate Powerpoint slides and generate pdfs/png from a few master files (Excel). Don't have the time to figure it out myself - anyone know anyone?
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    The curious things we do, or can't do.

    Thanks for the hug - I won't drag this out - and haven't really had duress (except for complicated pregnancy issues and an armed robbery). The "pretending" bit is when I'm biting my tongue watching something unfold but can't say anything but "Good Job - terimah kasih" afterwards else "too much...
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    The curious things we do, or can't do.

    I'm not even gonna get started on this thread. If you are from another country that has 4 seasons and pioneers could possibly starve (or your ancestors starved while paying taxes to a king) then lobotomize yourself in the hotel before thinking you'll find a natural desire for initiative here. If...
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    Which Cell Phone Company is best? Here's a (somewhat) current link...

    Hi Folks, I found this article interesting - last posting was July 2017 something. Might help clarify somethings. Cheers
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    bbq is reputable in my opinion for import / chilled / wet-aged cuts.
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    Smoking meat...

    ... For local charcoal ask your pembantu/driver to go to the big local Pasar. A big sack can be had for 80,000rp. You'll want to ensure that it contains tree branch lump shapes or coconut shell materials - any lumber looking materials should not be used for food. Usually it is okay. I find it...
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    Smoking meat...

    Gents if anyone needs Kingsford briquettes I have a nice stash. They were running 250,000ish rp I can let some go for 125,000Rp if interested - I'm using a stick burner now. I also have a 22" Weber kettle with rotisserie, table and about 4 extra racks that I could let go for the right price...
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    Smoked Foods

    The "Founder/Pit Master" at Franks left the business last month - not sure what the changes are yet - I kept my mouth shut to my friends when I tried brisket and such while he was on days off last year. I've got some wood chips for sale if anyone is interested. PM for details. Weber is still...
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    Indonesia Names Islamist Leader a Suspect in Pornography Case

    It could possibly be a great day for diplomacy if Indonesia could arrange for the trial to be heard there
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    Where to find Jalapeno

    Yep - but nope - I even zoomed in to see if there was a store location on the packages in the photo - No dice. I saw the local Jalapenos last night too however on the shelf directly below it were beautiful gloriously shaped and evenly colored imported Jalapeno just like the ones Mom made me eat...
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    Where to find Jalapeno

    Just saw real true Western type fresh tonight at Food Hall at One Bell Park on Fatmawati. They were $$ but not $$$ - seems like the Koreans are importing a lot of chilies like Habanero and Jalapeno.
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    Obtaining Indonesian International Drivers License. Article .

    The main office on Jl Letjen MT Haryono in Jakarta is clean and air conditioned - drive into the complex and turn left towards the main building and immediately to your right is the annex for the Intl. License. It took all of perhaps 20 minutes for myself and my wife to get ours about a year...
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    Bule Price

    Just amazing - the 3 local warungs (all same family) did a conspiracy a couple of years ago - the first two closest to my house stopped carrying Marlboro lights and the third jacked up the price 5,000. I learned about it when my pembantu came back and asked me for more money. I went myself and...
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    DIY Sourdough Starter and Bread

    I haven't really read the full thread but wanted to share a few lessons learned from some unsuccessful attempts last year (just from lack of pedantic feeding and knowing that the culture was going to spoil when we took our upcoming 2 month trip). I was going to make a huge batch of PlayDoh...
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    Jakarta Gubernatorial Election Bets & Results

    Internally I was okay with a 3-5% margin loss. Indications of 20% margin (after 40% reporting) is very disappointing in many ways. Waiting for %turnout.....
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    Might saying "Wassalaalikum" offend?

    Thanks Kratos - This was from back in 2007/8 and yes, the country turned out to be, at that time, far from Afghanistan or ISIS. I have pretty much avoided wading into these religious waters since Apa Kabar / Kabar Baik Mas? makes more sense to me as a non-native speaker. The country can be...

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