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    Advice on visa choice, fees etc.

    You can go with any i dont have a specific for you right now. Just make sure with them before you apply for B211A that they will give you their sponsor ID and sponsor letter later to transfer the sponsorship to your wife thats all.
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    Advice on visa choice, fees etc.

    Choose B211A from Agency your girlfriend cant apply for you atm, also whichever Agency you will use make sure with them before applying for visa that they will give away their sponsorship later to your Girlfriend, bcs in my case my Agent was ***** he didnt want to give his Sponsor ID and i got...
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    E-Visa to spouse sponsored ITAS

    Hello i hope you all are doing well. I initially used an Agent to apply visa B211A (End with LN) and i got married with my Indonesian wife and we got our Boko Nikkah after week. But the problem is when we went to imigrasi in Bali to apply for spouse sponsored ITAS, they demanded us to give them...

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