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  1. Periwinkle

    Cancelling Indonesian Credit Cards

    I know, it's definitely my fault for waiting until the last minute and not considering the holiday. Lesson learned.
  2. Periwinkle

    Cancelling Indonesian Credit Cards

    Euc- I hope it will be straightforward but my experience in dealing with banks in Indonesia is that it certainly will not be, especially if I'm trying to call in from the U.S. I will leave my Indonesian bank account open and wait for it to go through next week before calling back. Thanks for the...
  3. Periwinkle

    Cancelling Indonesian Credit Cards

    Euc- I asked if I could come into the bank and pay in cash, in person, they said no. I asked if it could be paid from an HSBC account today and they said I would still have to wait until the 18th. What I owe is very little, less than 2 juta, hardly worth going after. I don't ever plan to come...
  4. Periwinkle

    Cancelling Indonesian Credit Cards

    Hypothetically, because I'm an angel and would never do this, what might happen if I just don't pay and fuck off to the states? I know these banks aren't reporting to any credit bureaus (sp?).
  5. Periwinkle

    Cancelling Indonesian Credit Cards

    Yeah she said I needed to pay the outstanding balance. Which I agreed to do, right away. Never had a bank that wouldn't take my money before. Guess maybe cause banks are closed? But why not just take what I owe and be done with it???
  6. Periwinkle

    Cancelling Indonesian Credit Cards

    Has anyone ever had trouble cancelling their credit cards here before? I just called to cancel my HSBC card and was willing to pay the outstanding balance right away, but they refused to cancel it. I'm moving back to the United States on Friday and I honestly don't have time for this nonsense...
  7. Periwinkle

    Cat for Adoption

    Hello Everyone! I have a 2 year old indoor cat available for adoption. His name is Max and he is a ginger tabby. He is very affectionate and playful and a little bit chubby. He will eat any type of dry food and never eats any human food as I've never fed him any. See my profile pic, that's...
  8. Periwinkle

    Divorce Procedure

    Thanks, that's the office name I was looking for.
  9. Periwinkle

    Divorce Procedure

    Can anyone tell me where to go to file for divorce? I've found lots of information online about the grounds for divorce, but not much in terms of where exactly to go and what to do. Help is appreciated. Non-Islamic marriage Mixed, American/Indonesian No kids No property Both parties agree
  10. Periwinkle

    Recommend me a TV series....

    Game of Thrones The Blacklist Mad Men Friends from College Sherlock Love Californication Dexter Orphan Black Modern Family Suits The Good Wife Breaking Bad Better Call Saul The Handmaid's Tale How to Get Away with Murder Jessica Jones Weeds Shameless (American version) Scorpion Teachers Stranger...
  11. Periwinkle

    Company house may not have Internet connection , what mobile solution is best?

    I've never had any issues with P2P torrents, although I don't download much these days. When I used to with BOLT, it wasn't a problem.
  12. Periwinkle

    Company house may not have Internet connection , what mobile solution is best?

    Yes, there are Bolt stores around Jakarta where you can go to buy a modem and sign up with the unlimited plan. Only takes about 15 minutes to register. The modem is very small (just a bit smaller than a cell phone). They will help you set it up in the store to make sure it is working. You have...
  13. Periwinkle

    Still no sympathy for Indonesian taxis Users say they will still use online taxis, despite fare increase
  14. Periwinkle

    Renewal of KITAS for Teachers

    Hello Alfred, I've been teaching here for 5 years, and I agree with what William King has said. The letter from the Ministry of Education is needed and can be difficult for schools to obtain depending on individual circumstances. For example, when I first started teaching here, the minimum...
  15. Periwinkle

    Still no sympathy for Indonesian taxis

    I understand your frustration completely @Vicissidude. When I first got here, I would boil over with rage at all the bullshit I was experiencing in taxis. Most often, taxi drivers will refuse to listen to my instructions. I speak Indonesian well enough to give clear and concise directions, as...
  16. Periwinkle

    Labor Law-Repatriation of Foreigners (Here we go, again)

    Also, to clarify, there was no early termination. I completed my contract.
  17. Periwinkle

    Labor Law-Repatriation of Foreigners (Here we go, again)

    As was mentioned in a previous post by @atlantis, I don't believe that a contract can override the law. Besides, my contract mentioned nothing about repatriation at the end of the working period, so they wouldn't be able to argue that I had waived my rights even if I was going to move this...
  18. Periwinkle

    Opening Bca Checking Account

    Thanks, Viscissidude! Agreed, and I think I have a lot of work to do when it comes to being patient with how things work here. You'd think after 5 years, I wouldn't be surprised by anything, but Jakarta never ceases to amaze. I haven't yet gone to open the Maybank account as I haven't actually...
  19. Periwinkle

    Labor Law-Repatriation of Foreigners (Here we go, again)

    Yes, I understood what you meant. However, posting something online which defames a company (regardless of whether or not what you say is true) is never a good idea in Indonesia.
  20. Periwinkle

    Labor Law-Repatriation of Foreigners (Here we go, again)

    Yes, I don't plan to. I don't plan on doing that. I don't see it, ultimately, as having any real effect as I don't know enough people or have any clout whatsoever. I may at some point write a review on International Schools Review, but I also think it's unwise to name names on the Internet...

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