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    Renewal KITAP MERP

    Just got mine renewed in Tangerang. KITAP, KK, Sponsor letter and Passport only. 5 working days. 1.8 juta for 2 year MERP. Very easy indeed!
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    Renting Kiosk Space in Jakarta Malls

    I had a 3 X 1m in MOI, Kelapa Garden. Rent was about 6.5 million per month + a few taxes. It was opposite the cinema on 3rd floor. The prices vary greatly in malls and can be extortionate! Alam Sutera Mall asked for about 60 million a month and AEON in BSD also. However, you can...
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    Nanny/Maid available

    To Whom it May Concern, I am writing this ‘LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION’ for Ibu Istikomah. Ibu Istikomah has worked for us for 5 years. Initially, she was employed as a nanny for our newborn and to assist my wife. She provided some certificates and had worked previously before for an expat-family...
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    Labor Law-Repatriation of Foreigners (Here we go, again)

    I agree with Atlantis - do not let this go. Too many schools try this on, the 'local hire' etc. The law is on your side. I've seen many friends have this done to in the past, and usually, a letter from a lawyer does the trick. Stick to your guns and stick to the issue - don't give too much...
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    Booze, Spirits, Wine & Beer

    I can get WolfBlass Yellowtail - Shiraz, Merlot, or Pinot Grigio - for 300,000 per bottle but must be a minimum order of 12 bottles per type. Pick up in BSD city.
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    Leaving Indonesia

    For me, it is about the kids education, and my parents getting on a bit in age.
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    Would Arsene Wenger get kicked out by the end of the season ?

    I believe he has peaked. Arsenal, and Arsene in particular, were renowned for their slick passing game. I don't see that anymore, and for the last few years. Lack of trophies? It's a competitive league and can only be one winner - lack of spending on has been a problem, but they have always...
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    Returning to UK with Indonesian Wife

    I have read that it is possible to go to EU, get a job for 6 months, then the entire family can waltz into the U.K.. Some type of loop-hole but doesn't make it much easier. We've been looking for a few years. Had a few interviews via Skype but I wouldn't hire somebody who was 6k miles away...
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    Returning to UK with Indonesian Wife

    I've looked into it but do not have the required funds for dependents. Stuck here for the time being....
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    [FOR QUICK SALE] Brand New House in Pejaten Barat

    Prices really are crazy - 25 billion! Ha ha. I'm sure for $400,000 as Warmmie mentioned, you'd probably get something nice in the US. We live in BSD and prices have risen greatly. However, recently, I have heard that houses are not selling, and Sinar Mas had 20% reduction as well. Land...
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    Recommend me a TV series....

    Seconded! Both excellent!
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    Funny Stuff - Meme, humour (dark white, orange, rainbow), stories..

    [FONT=ScoutLight]‘I saw a fat person wearing a sweatshirt with ‘Guess’ on it. I said ‘Thyroid problem?”
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    Recommend me a TV series....

    I love 'Vikings' - especially first 3 seasons - fantastic. Also, 'Penny Dreadful' is very, very good, as well as 'Peaky Blinders'.
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    Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 24 months aged

    I think Jamie C is asking about BPOM registration - all food must have a little white sticker with ingredients, place of origin and manufacturer, importer and other details on it in Bahasa Indonesian. In addition, any food product must go for analysis first before BPOM will issue a number...
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    Looking for pre-owned furnitures and stuff.

    Hi there. I have a dinner set for sale: Krishome 16 pcs - Blue Square Fine China: 4 X Dinner plate, soup bowl, bowl, & mugs. 350,000 or best offer. We are also in Tangerang. Cheers & good luck!
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    Girl's shoes

    Shoes SOLD. Thank you.
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    Girl's shoes

    Some people cannot afford new shoes.
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    For sale: CAS PR-15B Electronic Scales

    CAS PR-15B Electronic Scales CAS PR-15 - Electronic Weighing Scale - weights to 2 grams. - Very good condition (still has blue plastic on plate), and full working order. Used for 6 months only. - Easy to handle - Highly-legible LED display - Rechargeable battery - Boxed with instruction...
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    Girl's shoes

    Girl's shoes Girl's shoes for sale: 1. Clarks bought in U.K. - original, great condition. Shoes have 3 lights that flash on the bottom with on/off button. Size 9.5 U.K. Rp. 100,000 2. OshKosh shoes - original with Toezone. Great for school. Good condition. Size 12 U.K. Rp. 75,000 3. Clarks...

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