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  1. Davita

    Latest Trump success.

    Yesterday was the anniversary of the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. President Trump made a speech which I found incomprehensible and had little to do with this invasion by 19 Saudis and 4 others from Egypt, UAR and Lebanon....NO Iranian was involved. Today Trump's big pals are...
  2. Davita

    Kitap complications.

    Sure...I sourced my info from Practical Information for Expats in Indonesia....:generously sponsored by'Colliers International'.
  3. Davita

    Kitap complications.

    I didn't say that but, if the marriage is NOT registered in the RI Embassy/Consul, then the marriage, according to Indonesian law, is not concluded.
  4. Davita

    Kitap complications. isn't any of my business how or why you took 4 years to register your wife's marriage to the Indonesian Registrar of Marriage in Australia but that is the requirement. My wife had to do that in Canada so we registered her marriage immediately. That was in 1992. If you do not follow...
  5. Davita

    Kitap complications.

    If I were an Indonesian Immigration Officer working in the Australian Embassy/Consul my immediate reaction would be.... "here's another breaking the rules by trying to keep an RI Passport AND also get a PR from Australia." This can be achieved by not registering the wedding in the RI...
  6. Davita

    Kitap complications.

    Harry I'm not quite following your situation. You clearly identify you were married in Sydney on 8 April 2013...but you then say...."After the officers left, and talking with my wife, it seemed that an Indonesian Consul stamp dated 16th of January 2017 on our Queensland marriage certificate was...
  7. Davita

    Do sosial and cultural Visa required Telex?

    Here is another verification on how to apply for a Sosbud to visit Indonesia. So far you have provided nothing to prove your point. Social Budaya The Social Budaya visa is the most popular visa for anyone who is planning to visit Indonesia for an extended period of time. Unlike a Tourist Visa...
  8. Davita

    Do sosial and cultural Visa required Telex?

    You go to the Embassy/Consul in your home town/area wherever you live....or send the passport and application forms to them if distant. They provide the application form and you fill it in. Attach the letter of introduction from your sponsor, plus the recent bank statement, and are told to...
  9. Davita

    Aviation info.

    You are so right SNP....the seasonal upper airstreams, commonly called the jetstream , has an amazing effect on aviation routes. In early June I flew non-stop Hong Kong to New York and our route was over the Pacific, north of Japan and Alaska and Vancouver and my non-stop return in late July...
  10. Davita

    Senator John McCain dead.

    Nimbus...thank you so much for posting #7 It was not only a eulogy for the Senator it was a speech that should go down in American history. I read the Gettysburg Address in the halls of the Lincoln memorial on my recent visit and wept as I realized the difficult times the USA went through then...
  11. Davita

    Do sosial and cultural Visa required Telex?

    SNP...Correct. I have been using Susbud visas for about 15 years prior to getting a Kitas/Kitap and never had to do what you say your agent requires. At no point in the process is Jakarta Immigration involved in the issue, sending telexes or otherwise. If you are in RI when applying then clearly...
  12. Davita

    Do sosial and cultural Visa required Telex?

    SNP....I think you are confusing a simple Sosbud or Tourist visa with some other visas like Kitas, business visas or others. The Sosbud has nothing to do with the central Jakarta Immigration office and No telexes are required and No agent is required. I've had many sosbuds issued in Vancouver...
  13. Davita

    Do sosial and cultural Visa required Telex?

    I'm not sure about applying from India as some countries need a visit visa and India may be one of those countries. There is a list which can easily be searched. Otherwise, it is NOT necessary to receive any telex, or otherwise, from Jakarta to receive a Sosbud. Each foreign RI Embassy/Consul...
  14. Davita

    Aviation info.

    Dafluff's comments are right on the ball. In all my 40 years of airline career I've never heard of pilots rolling down the runway on take -off without a cross-check being made on airspeed. The non-flying pilot will call 100 knots and the flying pilot will call x-check.....otherwise the aircraft...
  15. Davita

    Lists: Ohh that's not happened before &

    I know what you mean Puspa, and it can be frightening, but usually done by children with their stupid parents also thinking it amusing. I've suffered the same in Hong Kong during Chinese New year for years and wondered when some regulation should be put into place. We usually have a party in our...
  16. Davita

    Indonesia - Most Livable Cities Index 2018

    I just read that Jakarta (Gambir) and Semarang are now connected twice weekly with a VVIP train service. Don't know much about it so would welcome any more info.
  17. Davita

    Senator John McCain dead.

    The USA flag over the nations White House was lowered to half-mast as a mark of respect for Senator John McCain as is law. It was re-instated to full-mast as soon as that rule of lowering for the day of death + one day...however, tradition has it that for a sitting Senator it is not normally...
  18. Davita

    Expat Indo Technical Issues (21 Aug 2018)

    When I log on it doesn't load and I get a message but it quickly reverses and loads proper Me too...I get 'this site cannot be reached'....... but if I wait an little while the site appears as normal although it does appear slower than before.
  19. Davita

    Senator John McCain dead.

    The Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, DC..... On August 25, 2018, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (a Democrat) announced he would introduce a resolution to rename the building after Senator John McCain from...
  20. Davita

    Senator John McCain dead.

    Sad to report that Senator John McCain has just died...RIP John.....You were an American hero. Senator John McCain was the Senator for our region when I lived in Scottsdale, AZ. We're Canadian but dearly wanted to get a green card and stay in Scottsdale instead of snow-birding to and fro...

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