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  1. shandy cathy

    ITK to Spouse Kitas Conversion

    Hi sir, normally for kitas process after get biometic fingerprint process takes only 3 to 7 working days then kitas will be send to you by softcopy file sent to email when you first registered :)
  2. shandy cathy

    Can I still use visa-free entry if I disregard expired KITAS?

    Hi there thanks for your efforts , but you should reads the newest directorate immigrations rules, as per 16 April 2022 for evey applications B211 was given 2 months directly, with cost 2million for PNBP not 2,5 million IDR :) and only granted for the next 120 days with extension every 60 days...
  3. shandy cathy

    Visa Agent

    Hi nirvana, you can contact PT Mulia Prima Permai, they has an experiences my company colaborate with them, trusted, fast and affordable price :) you can contact Agus
  4. shandy cathy

    Can I still use visa-free entry if I disregard expired KITAS?

    Using B211A or B211B -- you get directly 60 days then you can extend for another 60days then another 60days so totally is 180days since you get the visa.
  5. shandy cathy

    Can I still use visa-free entry if I disregard expired KITAS?

    Hi takeshi, you can entry using visa on arrival (30 days granted and can be extend for next 30 days) or apply for social visit visa (60 days granted and can be extend for next 120 days). both of this choice is one single entry.
  6. shandy cathy

    Five Year KITAP (family reunification - spouse sponsored) Eligibility

    Normally to get KITAP you should have a Kitas (limited stay permit) first and extend it for 1 times If you are married to an Indonesian citizen you can apply for a KITAP, however you will not be able to apply directly for the visa until you have been married for 2 years. If you have already...
  7. shandy cathy

    Nice to be back in Indonesia after 18 months

    Hi welcome back @Jaime C ! Enjoy ;)
  8. shandy cathy

    Travelling to Indonesia - Peduli Lindungi App

    Hi Marty, You don't need to register anything anymore, because everything you need related to your vaccination status is already listed in the PEDULI LINDUNGI APPLICATION if you have successfully downloaded it. Cheers, cathy
  9. shandy cathy

    Hallo everybody !

    Hi thank you @pantaiema :)
  10. shandy cathy

    Hallo everybody !

    Sure, this is very fun and i enjoy it, where i get to know people from various countries of origin with various characteristics and their habits, some of them become friends with me even outside of visa or other residence permits matter.
  11. shandy cathy

    Hallo everybody !

    Hi everybody! my name is Cathy and just arrived on this forum, I live in Jakarta and working for visa agency, Hope to make some new friends here :) Have a nice day

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