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  1. PhilippeD

    Gardening & growing, be it flowers or food or other plant-life.

    I have start brocoli and cauliflower inside, transplant them outside, they start to grow very nice and strong, 30 cm tall, flower not still out, and... a f***** marmot came it them all! leaving only the stem. I already had another batch growing inside... those will stay in pot and inside...
  2. PhilippeD


    I'm from Québec, with the advantage of not having to have to prove financial support... which I didn't now when I decide to move to Canada. Believing I need to, here is what I have done: Move to Canada with my (Indonesian) wife on tourist visa. The 2 kids NEED to have their CCC (Canadian...
  3. PhilippeD

    Sweetmaria is in the house

    My coworker is French, he is not sure if he will go vote... becasueof this line!
  4. PhilippeD

    Sweetmaria is in the house

    We are fine. The girl adaptation goes very fine. The older goes at school the younger will start next year. The wife is a little bit bored but overall thing are fine.
  5. PhilippeD

    Sweetmaria is in the house

    Allo Maria Me, I'm back to Canada, probably for good, but still lurking on the forum... Welcome on the forum :)
  6. PhilippeD

    Attack on Syria

    From my reading, my guess is... This attack had very less to do with Iran and a lot to do with North-Korea which Trump is now talking about with the president of China.
  7. PhilippeD

    Forum Upgrade

    Aaaaaaah! The background is pink!!!!
  8. PhilippeD

    North Korea firing missiles into the sea...

    With the destitution of South Korean President I have been brought to some reading about the... North Korea China and north korea... Half of all international aid of China goes to North Korea China don't gain that much from North Korea, Nothing they would lose if the country unify with...
  9. PhilippeD

    Korean President fired

    I remember ever read some worried when she got elected as president. At the clear exception of being ignorant and gross, Mme Park can be related in some way to Trump - She is classed as the 11th most powerful woman of the planet and first of Asia. She have many economic tie which could only...
  10. PhilippeD

    North Korea firing missiles into the sea...

    I think king pin is also afraid of a coup d'état. Which would explain him going rampage killing whoever could replace him, like his half brother his just have kill in malaysia. All those missile testing and constant provocation/menace can only end up bad, very bad. The only way I could see...
  11. PhilippeD

    American arrested for armed robbery in Bali

    I had the same though than JaimeC, can she go back to her family? Can HIS family help? There is nothing more desperate than having a baby and no money. I really hope she will ba able to sort this soon.
  12. PhilippeD

    American arrested for armed robbery in Bali

    Davita, you are overthinking this. Just eliminate sarcasm and you will eliminate crime
  13. PhilippeD

    American arrested for armed robbery in Bali

    Nah! Canada have high tax for paying welfare, talk me about a stupid socialist country, nobody will never go down to the point of this guy for the need of covering his basic survival need - Just the fact of having a kid is good enough to get you 600 CAN$ per kid per month (reducing with the...
  14. PhilippeD

    Positive Effect of Trump

    Not positive efet of Trump... but still everytime we heard he drop any of his crazy campaign promise it's always good to know. Trump talk about not repealing DACA
  15. PhilippeD

    Positive Effect of Trump

    The "good" thing with trump is he have insult ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE. This give him almost no chance to become a "fuhrer". .... I hope!
  16. PhilippeD

    American arrested for armed robbery in Bali

    That's my point, being of whatever nationality you want will NEVER have something to do. Sorry for the upper post... made an overdose of trumpitude
  17. PhilippeD

    American arrested for armed robbery in Bali

    I have just one word to say: TERRORIST! yah yah, I'm out of context, but it's exactly the way American would have react. He should have leave Indonesia when he have still enough money for it. I'm quite sad for the kid, hard time is coming in front of him.
  18. PhilippeD

    4/11, 25/11 and 2/12 anti-Ahok demonstrations

    yah, I also don't think Ahok could be president
  19. PhilippeD

    Positive Effect of Trump

    question like that, how much seat democrate would have had without the "winner take all' rule?
  20. PhilippeD

    Positive Effect of Trump

    American should seriously consider to: Get rib of the electoral college - they were created for avoid inexperienced populist to take power. They definitely don't do their job! Get rib of the "winner take it all" - it's simply anti-democratic!

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