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    Vaccine requirements

    Hi, are they still asking for proof of vaccinations to enter Indonesia? For example to fly in from Singapore, will they ask for vaccine proof at arrivals in Medan or Jakarta? Has anyone been asked for it recently? Thanks
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    Health insurance options for tourist visa holders

    Thanks guys, I was hoping for some product which can be bought after you leave your country of residence. Not so much travel insurance but primarily medical insurance which is valid abroad, without requiring you to specify a departure and return date. Will check out the nomad website too
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    Health insurance options for tourist visa holders

    Can I get medical insurance to be used for private hospitals in Indonesia whilst staying here on a tourist visa? If so, who are the insurers that cover this? Or must this be done before you enter Indonesia? Ideally, I would like to pay a monthly/yearly premium and be covered whilst I am already...
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    Advice on visa choice, fees etc.

    Is it the same application process online, have the conditions for the guarator changed?
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    Advice on visa choice, fees etc.

    Has anyone been able to apply for and receive this new 60 day B211 ?
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    New prices April 2022

    'Single-Entry Visitor Visa (Index B211A, B211B, B211C) issued from 16 April 2022 (valid for a stay of 60 or 180 days) cannot be granted a Stay Permit extension.' This makes reference to a 180 day B211 visit visa, issued after april 16 2022, but I havent seen such a visit visa for the online...
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    New prices April 2022

    Since there are new prices, are there new visit visas? There wasn't a 180 day visitor visa available online a few days ago.
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    New prices April 2022

    The online visa page now has the link to new visa prices. 'Pengajuan permohonan visa kunjungan wisata wajib menggunakan penjamin korporasi atau badan usaha.'
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    New prices April 2022

    Nice, roughly when do the terms and conditions for these new visas come out?
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    Tourists offshore and the Non-Indonesia Vaccination Verification website

    Hi, does anyone have experience with this process? Is this website still active? I registered details with the site but never received the email verification. Now it says my email is registered but I cannot sign in, because it never sent the original email verification. It doesn't send me a...
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    Visit visas for foreigners offshore

    Thanks, is it difficult to get registered on the PeduliLindungi app from abroad? How would tourists on a short stay manage it?
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    Visit visas for foreigners offshore

    Great, so just have proof of the double vaccination, no booster, VOA if you land in Jakarta. Do they need the peduli app to travel on domestic flights? The peduli app is still needed for malls and such in some cities.
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    Visit visas for foreigners offshore

    Does anyone know if UK nationals are allowed to apply offshore for short stay, less than 30 days, B211 visitor visas and land first in Jakarta? Once in Jakarta can they take domestic flights and is there still a quarantine requirement? Thanks
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    Visa application problem

    Just upload duplicate files in any of the other sections until it accepts your application.
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    2022 new visas and prices

    For the second home visa, they are talking about depositing 2 Billion Rp. When are all these new visas likely to go live? I hope there can be onshore applications.
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    New Immigration Sponsorship Rules

    Hi, where does it say the rules come into effect in 6 months time?
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    Importing from the UK

    Great, I will attempt this DHL route with a small delivery and see what happens. I am guessing the import laws have changed recently and thats why its easier to send foreign purchased goods into Indonesia.
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    Importing from the UK

    That sounds straight forward enough. Birotika Semesta will give me an invoice to settle the import duties? and I can make a cash payment to the local Birotika Semesta? I send the scanned proof of payment from Birotika Semesta to DHL online? Thanks again
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    Importing from the UK

    Thanks for the replies. I am trying to figure out the whole process. So after the goods have arived in Indonesia, I will be notified that I must make a payment at my local Birotika Semesta office. Where are the goods being held until then? I assume they don't clear customs in Jakarta until...
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    Importing from the UK

    If a friend purchased some shirts in the UK, are they allowed to DHL the new clothes to me Indonesia? What about other items such as laptops and books? How would I arrange for the import fees and duties to be paid? Do I have to visit the local DHL centre to pay the duties before they release...

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