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    Garden visitors

    This morning I found a couple of these guys crawling around in my garden. I guess they are caterpillars? (Wishing I could take pictures like Wisnu).
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    Today's menu:

    The Dutch serve soldiers (soldaatjes) with boiled eggs on spinach. My grandmother used to make this recipe even before WWII. I occasionally still make the same recipe using bayam 😀.
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    Did Immigration officer visit house for kitas process?

    Bali: for my KITAS no home visit. For KITAP yes (three uniformed officers in a car with official logo. The neighbors thought I was getting deported :D). My wife's KTP needed to be on the address where we live. Also, my wife's KK had to be changed showing "Kawin tercatat" instead of "Belum kawin".
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    Coronavirus words

    Lokdon = lockdown
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    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    We are in self isolation for two weeks now. Just one weekly run to the supermarket taking into account all precautions. Today I was pleasantly surprised to see a satpam at the entrance of the supermarket spraying handsanitizer on the hands of each customers entering. However, when leaving I had...
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    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    The dutch minister of infrastructure is working from home for the next two weeks after finding out minister Budi Karya Sumadi tested positive (and after attending the dutch minister council on Friday). Until now no symptoms so no need to do a test...(policy in Holland).
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    Bank recommendations

    Same here. I opened an account with CIMB NIAGA last year just having a KITAS at the time. Quite easy (maybe the fact that my wife has an account with them for years helped). Went to their office, customer service fills in a form and done in 15 minutes. I also inquired about a credit card. Also...
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    Renewing ITAS without SKTT

    Did my ITAS in december 2018 and also just realized I needed a SKTT when starting the KITAP process 3 months ago. Went to Catatan Sipil who did not ask any questions about why I applied late and I did not receive a fine. After handing in the required paperwork received the SKTT after 5 working...

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