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  1. ponyexpress

    No Indonesian Culture

    I think one must understand Indonesia as something imagined (I can't help without resorting to uncle Ben Anderson's idea of nationalism). It's the same with the whole idea of nation be it Austria, Australia or America. So when someone mentions Indonesian culture then it comprises all the...
  2. ponyexpress

    Finally made it. Would love to meet people!

    Welcome to the forum. A big fan of lipsync duo?
  3. ponyexpress

    The rise and fall of French cuisine

    It's a long read but really good article about French culinary in the fine dining world.
  4. ponyexpress

    Novak Djokovic fights against deportation

    The victory was short lived. After the court overturned the Australian Border Force decision to cancel his visa, the pin up boy for anti vaxxers Novak Djokovic didn't win his battle against the Minister of Immigration who exercised his power to revoke his visa on the grounds of health and good...
  5. ponyexpress

    Novak Djokovic fights against deportation

    Novax has been the centre of media attention since his arrival last week. Firstly it's because of his unvaccinated status which made people doubt that he would play in AO. Then he boasted of having medical exemption from Australia and told his fans that he would defend his grand slam title. Yet...
  6. ponyexpress

    Novak Djokovic fights against deportation

    This is huge.
  7. ponyexpress

    Punishment for women who don't want to wear jilbab

    A friend of mine did a research on hijab in Indonesia in early 2000s. Her finding was that wearing hijab is not synonymous for being a Muslim hardliner. Fashion was one of the factors and peer pressure was another. But I noticed that wearing hijab in some places became mandatory and this boils...
  8. ponyexpress

    FPI lawyer arrested over terrorism link

    This is interesting.
  9. ponyexpress

    Covid and Conspi

    This is mad and many seem to believe it. It used to be on the fringe but pandemic moved it to the mainstream
  10. ponyexpress

    America on Fire

    As much as I can understand the anti colonial sentiment, it's still not a good excuse to not accept progressive attitudes. A friend of mine researched about migrants and refugees who are stuck Indonesia after their failed journey to Australia. The Indonesians attitude towards these migrants, who...
  11. ponyexpress

    America on Fire

    You are having a go at BLM movement because some of supporters called out Rowling's anti trans comments? Have you read recently that Trans activist stood up for her when the Sun tabloid published a story of her ex with the headline: I slapped JK and I am not sorry.
  12. ponyexpress

    America on Fire

    I couldn't agree more with you on this one. Her rant on looting is funny. The detractors of the BLM protests are so obsessed with looting in the solidarity protests for George Floyd and ignore the fact that majority of marches are peaceful. If those right wings are so concerned about the...
  13. ponyexpress

    Catch me if you can...
  14. ponyexpress

    America on Fire

    Not sure if the term 'oreo' is appropriate considering our subject in hand is racial inequality towards black people in the US and the rest of the world.
  15. ponyexpress

    America on Fire

    I think this is a bit of a stretch. Those statues are seen as a symbol of European colonialism - a violent system under which white privileges were born out. The removal of those statues is therefore a symbolic movement of dismantling the system. Isn't it ironic to call the US and UK a place...
  16. ponyexpress

    America on Fire

    What also scary and disturbing is how right leaning black people such as Candace Owens and Brandon Tatum spout their views on BLM movement and dismiss that systemic racism does exist. This does not exclusively happen in the US. Some right wing indigenous activists in Australia also doubt that...
  17. ponyexpress

    America on Fire

    Well I can pull out some other familiar names for younger generation. Sudanese model Akech Bior won't be seen as beautiful by Indonesians. This is a country where K-Pop stars and whitening cream are sought after. Now imagine being a Papuan in Indonesia.
  18. ponyexpress

    America on Fire

    Yep. Many Indonesians have a specific criteria of beauty and Papuans and black skin are not part of it. You can do a survey asking Indonesians if Naomi Campbell is beautiful? I can surmise that many will say not.
  19. ponyexpress

    America on Fire

    How about this? Pathetic!

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