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    The end of B211? May 2022

    kripik, are you able to mention the costs involved in getting this B211A? And if it's allowed, also the agents details pls? Regards
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    Possible to get B211A (tourist) visa? UK citizen

    Thank you for the reply. I have heard some stories about agents losing passports, or not providing the right visa (for renewal) and then the tourist getting hassled by the authorities. So, I may just fly to KL for a couple of days and back to Jakarta.
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    Possible to get B211A (tourist) visa? UK citizen

    Hi all, I've been to Indo before in 2019 with a B211A visa issued in London for 60 days. I want to repeat that experience and have just been told by the Indo Embassy in London that they no longer have the powers to issue visas. There is the option for me to just land in Jakarta and get a Visa...

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