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    Can I still use visa-free entry if I disregard expired KITAS?

    Just do VOA you will have no problems. I had the same problem(Kitap) and entered on a VOA.
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    27yrs old from NZ been living Surabaya 1month

    I never used to have insurance but I do now, touch wood never been in an accident. The traffic is so slow in Surabaya, the best speed I would go is 40 kph but you never know when my luck will run out.
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    27yrs old from NZ been living Surabaya 1month

    After riding a bike for more than 10 yrs in Surabaya I can tell you that the only time you will be pulled over is when they are having a blitz on rego/licence checks. Then after 15mins of explaining what an international licence is, as they cannot read English they just say go with a smile. I...

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