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    Folks with experience on C318 repatriation visa please help.

    I think whoever you talked to may have been confused between KITAS/P (foreigner) holder sponsoring their children, and a WNI parent sponsoring their children. For a foreigner with KITAS/P they can only sponsor their minor (under 18) children. This is your point no 2 in your post. For a WNI, they...
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    Ex-WNI Entering Indonesia with Foreign Passport

    From now on just treat it as if you no longer have Indonesian citizenship. Leave your Indonesian passport (and KTP) in Canada and enter with your Canadian passport and VOA. Never heard of anyone having a problem doing this, unless they're crazy and whip out both passports (has happened!). The...
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    Having Children's Tylenol and Motrin shipped

    You will not be able to import food, cosmetics, or medicine via cargo. If you want to bring stuff from abroad, you can carry it on your person or have someone bring it for you.
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    STEAM purchases

    You can contact their customer service and ask to change your country of residency. They will ask for some proof, I sent my driver's license and it was accepted. Bonus: games in IDR are usually cheaper than USD/AUD due to regional pricing.
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    Exiting with a MERP

    If you look at the ITAS sticker in your passport, it should say, in the tiniest font possible, "Limited Stay & Re-entry".
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    Indonesia Second Home Programme - All Retirement Stay Permits Abolished and Existing Holders Scheduled for Expulsion in Case of Non-Compliance

    I'm thinking the group of people who are willing to take the risk and opportunity cost of this second home visa and are not already qualified for any other visa is pretty small. Most retirees are probably much better off going to Ijin Kunjungan (SosBud), especially if applying for it onshore...
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    Indonesia Second Home Programme - All Retirement Stay Permits Abolished and Existing Holders Scheduled for Expulsion in Case of Non-Compliance

    As already mentioned, you fall under Ex-WNI category. That is a completely separate permit from the Second Home visa. Nothing in this letter applies to your situation.
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    Fly to EU/US/LATAM

    For west coast US/Canada also consider EVA Air or China Airlines via Taipei
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    MERP Extension Online

    An expired MERP is a total non-issue. I had mine expired for a year (last year of 5-year KITAP) and no one even batted an eye. If you are certain you will not need to travel abroad during the time you are MERP-less, don't worry about it.
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    Side business

    Correction: The company that is currently sponsoring you has a permit to employ a specific foreigner (you) in Indonesia (called an IMTA). You have a work KITAS sponsored by the company, which in conjunction with the IMTA, allows you to work at this company, and only at this company. Important...
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    Cheap very high speed Internet for Bali

    Re: Speed testing your internet. You should use the speed test app provided by your network provider with a grain of salt. Naturally, they will optimize it to get the best numbers for their service, but this may not be what your real-world situation is. I use, and then I...
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    Request to remove my name from the black list

    To @Mohab: All the questions you have so far regarding removal from blacklisting have been covered in this article: Best of luck with your efforts.
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    Request to remove my name from the black list

    Moderation note: Some posts that were tangential have been removed to keep the thread on track. Please remember that for a law forum question we request that users stay strictly on topic. We have also always requested that new users be treated with some leeway, and if you do have any issues...
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    Request to remove my name from the black list

    The minimum time for black listing is 6 months. So after 6 months have passed, someone in Indonesia can on your behalf, request for it to be removed. There is no guarantee that this request will be granted. We have more info here:
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    Covid Testing

    Pretty much verbatim what my pediatrician told me when my daughter had symptoms. However, for science, I had her PCRed at Prodia, anyway. Don't really care about PL anyway. Big surprise, it was positive. The local Puskesmas people freaked out when they were notified, wanted to test the whole...
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    Vitas - reporting within 30 days

    It has been a while since the SOP is to hand out KITAS+MERP as a single bundle. I'm not sure if it is possible to get KITAS without a MERP these days. Even the notification to pay is immediately for the full Rp 2.5jt, and the sticker in your passport says "Limited Stay & Rentry" where this used...
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    The Passport Issue and 33 Hours Trip to Brazil.

    Sorry to hear about your husband, glad he is well enough to pick you up at the airport! Also flying internationally this summer was ridiculously expensive...
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    Vitas - reporting within 30 days

    I'm sorry if it was unclear, the "everyone" in my post refers to everyone getting a KITAS, as the OP indicated that multiple people have arrived ("we", "our") in Indonesia.
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    Latest (Aug 2022) Covid-19 DOMESTIC travel testing requirements.

    Did you have to scan Peduli Lindungi, or fill out the eHAC in the app?
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    Latest (Aug 2022) Covid-19 DOMESTIC travel testing requirements.

    Effective Aug 11th, Satgas Covid has slightly tightened the testing requirements for domestic travel. The new rules are summarized as follows: For ages 18+ Boostered (3+ vaccines): no testing. Vaccinated 2x or 1x: PCR within 3x24 hours. RAT (Antigen) is no longer accepted. Unvaccinated...

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