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    Latest (Aug 2022) Covid-19 DOMESTIC travel testing requirements.

    Effective Aug 11th, Satgas Covid has slightly tightened the testing requirements for domestic travel. The new rules are summarized as follows: For ages 18+ Boostered (3+ vaccines): no testing. Vaccinated 2x or 1x: PCR within 3x24 hours. RAT (Antigen) is no longer accepted. Unvaccinated...
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    New Indonesian passports are NOT valid for travel to Germany (and maybe other countries).

    For some reason, immigration has decided that new Indonesian passports are issued without a signature. Neither a digital signature nor a signature column is anywhere on the passport. This has resulted in Germany rejecting these passports due to not being compliant with their regulation. VFS...
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    Forum Maintenance May 8th, 2022

    Hi all, We are planning to do some maintenance on the forum in the morning (WIB) of May 8th, 2022. The forum will be down for approximately one hour from the time we start the maintenance. Thanks!
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    Coming soon: No more PCR/antigen tests for fully vaccinated domestic travellers.

    Domestic travel within Indonesia will soon no longer require PCR/antigen tests for fully vaccinated travelers. A government circular making this official is expected very soon, says Pak Luhut...
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    Singapore extends Vaccine Travel Lane to Indonesia.

    This will allow quarantine-free travel from Indonesia to Singapore for those fully vaccinated beginning Nov 29th.
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    Giordano Bruno

    Moderation note: These posts were separated from a thread because they were tangential to the topic. You can find the original thread here: End Moderation note. You'd expect that, but unfortunately, some...
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    Forum Maintenance (Forum will be down for about 1 hour).

    Hi All, We have recently patched the forum with the latest revision of the forum software. Since then it has been brought to our attention that some users have reported having some technical issues, which include the inability to log in, getting logged out/kicked out while logged in, or very...
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    Two-factor authentication fixed

    Hi all, If you were unable to log into the forum because your two-factor authentication app gave you an error, this is now fixed. The server time of the server that was hosting the forum was off by a minute, and this caused the issue. This has been synced and should work properly now. Sorry for...
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    Indonesia is set to ratify a new tax code.

    Some highlights: NIK will serve as a tax identification number (previously NPWP) for individuals. PPN/VAT increased to 11%, with a further increase to 12% down the road. The law authorizes PPN to be adjusted between 5-15% via lower decrees. PPN for certain export items set at 0%. A new top...
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    On-shore visa applications now need to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination.

    Some observations: 1. Not sure if this applies to extending ITAS/P, but even if it is not, it is only a matter of time. 2. In most of Indonesia, those on Visit Visa (and hence no NIK) do not have reliable access to vaccinations. Hopefully, this will change soon...
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    You can now register foreign Covid-19 vaccines on pedulilindungi app.

    If you have been vaccinated outside of Indonesia you can now apply to get it recognized by the pedulilindungi app. You can do so here: If anyone successfully does this, I would really appreciate if they could post here with the steps. Thanks!
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    We now have an Ex-WNI forum 🎉🎉

    We added a forum/channel that is specifically dedicated to those who gave up WNI status and are now foreigners in Indonesia. The number of Ex-WNIs will grow over the next few years, as more and more dual citizens enter the age of majority and will have to choose between Indonesian citizenship...
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    eHAC database hacked. (Indonesian Covid tracking app for entering the country)

    Actually not so much as hacked, more like, it didn't have any security to begin with. The database had ~1.4m entries, including passport data, Covid-19 test results, addresses, phone numbers...
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    Covid Vaccination for foreigners in Indonesia (Main Thread)

    Hi, Since this is a recurring topic, and information is inconsistent, it would be good to have a thread specifically for how foreigners can obtain Covid-19 vaccinations in Indonesia. Also of interest is any avenues for non-resident foreigners. For the public option (free from the gov't)...
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    Happy Independence Day Indonesia

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    Introducing: Dark Mode!

    Hi All, We have implemented a dark mode for the forum, as is all the rage right now. If you want it, scroll all the way down and where it says "vBulletin 4 OLD", and change it to "Shades of Grey". Some possible advantages of dark mode: 1. Less eye strain, especially in darker lighting...
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    So apparently there is a little sporting event going on in Tokyo.

    And Indonesia got its first medal today: Windy Aisah won the bronze medal in the Women's 49 kg weight lifting competition. The 19-year-old lifted 194kg, and her personal best, to place third in the competition. Congratulations! 🏆...
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    🎂Happy 5th Birthday to the Forum 🎂

    So, we almost missed it, but today, 5 years ago we opened our virtual doors and opened this forum to the public. Here is a blast from the past: So thanks to everyone who contributed to the post count...
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    Indonesia to extend mandatory quarantine to 14 days for travellers from some countries.

    Foreigners who have been to these following countries in the last 14 days, will now have to undergo 14-days, self-funded, mandatory quarantine when entering Indonesia: Pakistan, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Argentina, Turkey, Brazil, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Italy, Singapore, Iran...
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    Mudik Lebaran Travel Ban 6-17 May 2021

    The government, via the Ministry of Transportation, is banning all public air, sea, and land travel, as well as inter-city private transportation during the 2021 Lebaran travel period. Exemptions are available for urgent travel but will require additional paperwork (permission from Lurah/Kepala...

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