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    Travelling with a new empty passport

    Awesome, thanks guys.
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    Travelling with a new empty passport

    I recently got a new passport and will be leaving the country for a holiday soon. Can I travel with my new empty passport and bring along the old one for evidence? or do I need to do something at imigrasi? I'm on a kitap and have about 6 months left on my merp.
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    Indonesian Driving Licence? Extra info for Surabaya: For a new license (sim baru) you must go to Satpas Colombo. Jl. Ikan Kerapu No.2-4, Perak Bar., Krembangan, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60177 You need to arrive around 7:30 in the morning as it will be very crowded by...
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    Imigrasi apartment raid

    Getting near Idul Fitri, need to make some cash. Cynical maybe, but its an annual event. Know several places that have been subject to this in the last week. My office got 'raided' but everyone is legal, they kept digging trying to find anything at all. Office staff heard a few of them...
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    Internet in Yogyakarta

    Yes it is just for the router, a more powerful antenna than the internal one. They work with mifi boxes too, if you need a mobile solution. A lot of little mifi boxes allow aerials to be plugged in the back. Edit: If you want to boost signal around your home add some range extenders.
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    Internet in Yogyakarta

    If XL has a decent 4G signal in your area then get an XL Home box. Other option is to buy a router yourself like a TP Link 6400 or Huawei B310/311/315. These will accept any sim, get a sim from XL for their broadband...
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    Who is in Surabaya?

    Surabaya is not too bad if you like mall life. Small expat community. Do you do any sports? there is an expat football team there that plays every week and a few that go out running and biking. Few expats that get out for motorcycle rides if you're a biker.
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    Sponsor husband Kitas work

    A school can get an IMTA for a spouse sponsored Kitap holder as long as the normal requirements/qualifications are met. I know several teachers that have been through the process this year.
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    Create thread to understand

    It's not a scam, it's just fantasy money for collecting for the sake of collecting. It says in the description and it also says not legal tender. People actually collect fantasy money.
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    Best local fish similar to Atlantic Cod

    Please post pics of the fish and what the meat is like when cooked. I want to try and find some different fish to fry up.
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    Best local fish similar to Atlantic Cod

    Will do, so far the kakap putih fillets have been nice in batter, but not right for good ol fish n chips.
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    Best local fish similar to Atlantic Cod

    Cheers, I guess I need to find a fish market and try a bit of everything to find out.
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    Indonesia in the 20 best countries around the world to live as an expat

    White people are expats, everyone else is an immigrant. Rich people are expats, everyone else is an immigrant. Expat in many countries is based on race.
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    Best local fish similar to Atlantic Cod

    What are some names for Grouper in bahasa? I tried Ikan Kakap Puith which actually holds together well, good meaty texture and taste, but is a bit too fishy for fish and chips. Dory/pangasius is too wet and earthy for fish and chips. Fish and Co is terrible, think they use some sort of Pangasius.
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    Best local option for on-line shopping payment

    It is different to Octopay. You can quickly setup prepay virtual mastercards, I've even used them to pay for things abroad with no issues.
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    Best local fish similar to Atlantic Cod

    Any suggestions for local fish that are similar in taste and texture to Atlantic cod? Need to make some decent homemade fish and chips.
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    Best local option for on-line shopping payment

    Niaga allows you to create virtual credit cards that last a few days and with an amount you want. I always use these for online shopping. Security is not great here, even from the big stores. I used a fresh VCC at Mapemall online once and someone there tried to create an account using my info...
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    Paramotor in Indonesia

    I don't know much about paramotors but have seen them many times in Batu. Sometimes searching Instagram is better in Indonesia.
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    SKTT Catch 22

    I know people that were taken to court for no SKTT. Catatan officers turned up at their work with newspaper reporters in tow and made a huge scene about it. They were then dragged through courts and had to pay fines along with the embarrassment. They didn't know about SKTT and had been paying...
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    Dispute with Tokopedia seller

    It is better to order from IKEA Indonesia directly. Had quite a few things delivered to East Java no problem and the customer service is quite good.

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