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  1. a-sha

    Regarding the article on this website "Prepaid Electricity in Indonesia: A guide to PLN’s prabayar system"

    In this article it says: "For postpaid electricity, there is a minimum monthly amount charged.". In Holland we also have a paying model similar to this 'postpaid model'. But in Holland, after one year, you will get a annual bill. In this bill you can see the total amount of electricity consumed...
  2. a-sha

    Omnibus and tax rules

    I am a 'pensionado' living of my 'pensiun' and I just moved from Holland to Indonesia. A couple of days ago I got my SKTT (and NIK). So, I wonder if I have to apply for a NPWP (tax number) now, as I will be living here longer than 183 days per year. My pensiun is already been taxed (at 37,10%)...

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