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  1. dafluff

    Afghanistan situation.

    Feel free not to laugh. (y) You post links to conspiracy crap...but my post about an event 800 years ago is "misleading"....okay chief.
  2. dafluff

    Which malls can unvaccinated people go to?

    Moderation note: Thread locked while we review if further moderation action is needed.
  3. dafluff

    Digital Vaccine Passport

    Yes, KITAS holders need to apply for SKTT. This document will be required for extending KITAS in the future, so they should go get it. If they had an agent arrange the KITAS, normally they include the SKTT as part of the deal these days.
  4. dafluff

    Afghanistan situation.

    Ya ya was a joke. No one really thinks an invasion from 800+ years ago bears any relevance to China's policies today.
  5. dafluff

    Digital Vaccine Passport

    NIK is your KTP number (or SKTT number if you have SKTT instead of KTP).
  6. dafluff

    Digital Vaccine Passport

    If you have a NIK and got the vaccine in Indonesia, the pedulilindungi app should automatically have it, you just need to access it with the same phone number that you used at the vaccination. If you have been vaccinated outside of Indonesia you can now apply to get it recognized by the...
  7. dafluff

    You can now register foreign Covid-19 vaccines on pedulilindungi app.

    If you have been vaccinated outside of Indonesia you can now apply to get it recognized by the pedulilindungi app. You can do so here: If anyone successfully does this, I would really appreciate if they could post here with the steps. Thanks!
  8. dafluff

    how to come home to indonesia during covid as an ex (kinda) wni?

    Ok, that was fast: Visa applications abroad (including ijin kunjungan) will reopen today, as per the new minsterial regulation. This is similar to pre-PKPM levels.
  9. dafluff

    how to come home to indonesia during covid as an ex (kinda) wni?

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Right now there are no new visas being processed abroad. However, I have a feeling that Indonesia will re-open visa applications within the next month or so, if the cases keep dropping as they are now. My best suggestion in your case, rather than stressing out...
  10. dafluff

    Afghanistan situation.

    Not to forget the Yuan Dynasty invasion of Java in 1292-1293.
  11. dafluff

    Getting sponsored for KITAS

    It depends on your uncle's company. If it is properly registered and a PT (limited liability corporation), then they can sponsor a foreign worker. The rest is just paperwork, and massaging your qualifications with your uncle's company's needs.
  12. dafluff

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    People who both had Covid and the vaccine (in this case mRNA, but maybe it works for other vaccines), have a much stronger immune response.
  13. dafluff

    Dual citizenship, how likely is it?

    The biggest advantage of citizenship is the right to never be kicked out of Indonesia, such as the case would be if you are still a foreigner.
  14. dafluff

    So apparently there is a little sporting event going on in Tokyo.

    Leani Ratri Oktila and Khalimatus Sadiyah won the first gold medal for Indonesia at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics in the SL3-SU5 women's doubles para-badminton final. A historic medal, as it is the first gold for Indonesia in the 2020 Paralympics, the first gold medal for Indonesia in...
  15. dafluff

    We now have an Ex-WNI forum 🎉🎉

    We added a forum/channel that is specifically dedicated to those who gave up WNI status and are now foreigners in Indonesia. The number of Ex-WNIs will grow over the next few years, as more and more dual citizens enter the age of majority and will have to choose between Indonesian citizenship...
  16. dafluff

    Supermarkets and vaccine requirement
  17. dafluff

    Terns of C318 Visa

    Normally I would tell you to go and visit your local Kantor Imigrasi, but with the PKPM restrictions that is out of the question for now. Besides the WA number already given above, you can try connecting with them via their social media accounts. For some reason they respond more on their...
  18. dafluff

    A very interesting docu from D.W. on viruses and lab research.

    Please don't tell me what I do or don't believe. If you think I give a toss about the traffic you generate, you're mistaken. Especially if that traffic is from the tinfoil hat conspiracy crowd.
  19. dafluff

    A very interesting docu from D.W. on viruses and lab research.

    I don't really give a toss where the virus originated. I do have an issue with the claim that Covid and Vaping disease is the same, because clearly, they are not. Also, there is no need for you to tell the moderators to do what we have to do because we do it anyway, with our without your...
  20. dafluff

    Terns of C318 Visa

    Yes, the tanggal terakhir is wording from an offshore visa. It is the latest date you can use to enter Indonesia. Normally, you have one month from the time you enter Indonesia to convert your VITAS to KITAS, which is usually an almost guaranteed process, as technically you are pre-approved for...

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