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    What Ever Happened to Sir Anglian

    As the title indicates I am wondering what happened to Anglian. I don't know if the rumour is true that he has been requested to sit in The House Of Lords or if that is just a false rumour? Any Ideas?
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    What is happening.....recently dead at 61 possible suicide Chef Anthony Bordain age 61 found in France. Sister to the Qeen of Netherlands Innes Zorreguieta commits suicide age 33., fashion icon Kate Spade age 55 commits suicide. I know this is not specific to Indonesia but I am sure happens in...
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    Elections, Intolerance and Identity Politics?

    Is intolerance and identity politics on the rise in Indonesia? There are actors behind the scenes willing to use whatever for their personal wealth and power. I suppose none of that is new but with the lack of relatively clean police, courts, lawmakers etc. etc. etc., it can put some people in...
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    Cruise Time Anyone?

    Anyone for a nice cruise with Carnival in the lovely waters off Australia? Apparently one family created a lot of havoc with multiple fights.
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    Has anyone spent much time in Balikpapan? If so what is it like, relatively clean, slow pace etc.? How does it compare to some other Indonesian cties? Are there many expats etc.? I know Anglian said on another post he might sell his place to an Arab and buy in at Balikpapan:smile: Although I...
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    Oh My God Poor Setya Novanto

    According to a few sources Setya Novanto may be developing various health problems. Therefore he can not attend questioning, citing health issues. Oh my God a major corruptor citing health issues. Will we see the poor man in a wheel chair at some point? Will he be wearing more religious fashion...
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    Property Prices in Indonesia

    I have never been able to understand (I am not at genius level yet :smile:) the price/cost of housing in Indonesia eg. perhaps 2 working middle class people could afford a mortgage on a house for 400 million. But it is difficult in may areas to find houses for these prices. Even recently my wife...
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    Anies Wants FPI to Improve Its Image

    What do you people think? Is that what the FPI needs an image rebranding? Possibly some different outfits?
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    Jakarta Police Go To Saudi Arabia

    The JG reports a team of police have been sent to Saudi Arabia to find Rizieq Shihab. If they do find him and bring him back, how do you people think it may play out in Indonesia. Will FPI demontstrate? It appears the police are willing to deal with this. Or do you think it may be swept under...
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    Political Correctness In The West

    What do you people think of "political correctness" in the West, is it too much? Is it a term only used by racists etc. to justify intolerance? Is it a weapon used by some to silence discussion? I can think of an eg. from my country, where the former Prime Minister requested accountability from...
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    Terror Attack in Barcelona Spain

    Someone drove there van into a crowd in Barcelona killing 13 and injuring 100 others. They claim ISIS affiliation.
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    White Supremacist Terrorist In The USA

    White supremacist plows his car into a crowd in Virginia killing one and injuring many. This is not based on religion. What do you people think of this?
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    Don't Get Accused of Stealing Mosque Speakers

    A man was beaten, and burned alive in Bekasi, after being accused of stealing Mosque speakers. But stealing food out of the mouth's of the poor, through corruption, is okay.
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    Jakarta Gets Award For Clean and Green City(Parts anyways)

    Is this a bit of a tribute to what Ahok was trying to do? Or is it something else?
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    Happy Birthday Davita. You don't really seem a day over 79.:thumb:
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    Hooters Comes To Jakarta

    With all the negative news spinning around Jakarta, perhaps this will make it all alright for some people............guess what American franchise is in town?..............With this news it may soon be what problems, was there something going on?:D...
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    Government Working To Improve Peoples Lives

    In what ways do people see Indonesian Gov'ts working to improve the lives of Indonesian citizens? (Maybe this will be a short thread) Or maybe people will have a list. BPJS is one I can think of.
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    Language Skills

    I am sure there are some expats who have excellent language skills and then a whole range in between. My Bahasa is almost non-existent. It is somewhat isolating. I go out for a function tonight and everybody is basically nice. I sat at a table with someone who speaks English but overall it is...
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    Benefits Of keeping Indonesian Citizenship

    Are there people here, or spouses, who have struggled with whether to keep Indonesian citizenship? Benefits vs loss of benefits for citizenship?
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    2019 Presidential Election and PKI

    I know I am way ahead of events here but I can not understand how they are possibly going to use PKI in the upcoming election? Maybe someone who is more knowledgeable could fill me in on this. I can not get my head around how this is possible. I imagine they will try to paint President Jokowi as...

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