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    KMILN - the new presidential rule No. 76/2017

    so the more things change, the more they stay the same ehh..
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    KMILN - the new presidential rule No. 76/2017

    Folks, I heard that Jokowi has signed a new rule that will impact us expats. The broadcast message I got from my friend reads: "UPDATE BUAT WNI DAN YANG SUDAH MENJADI WNA PERPRES No. 76/2017: Pemerintah Berikan KMILN Kepada Masyarakat Indonesia di Luar Negeri Oleh: Humas ; Diposkan pada: 23...
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    Explosion At Kampung Melayu

    This is shocking. we live in a bad bad world
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    IMTA agent

    Folks, Anyone can recommend agents to help an employer obtain an IMTA to employ a KITAP holder? Speed is the essence. Wombat
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    Holiday to Maratua islands

    this is very interesting, Thanks mate
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    Holiday to Maratua islands

    Wisnu, I am not a scuba diver, just a snorkler. I am considering to go there because of its crystal clear water and the over-the-water villas. I would like to chill out for a few days in a not too touristy place and out of the beaten track. Raja Ampat is also within my short list but I am put...
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    Holiday to Maratua islands

    Folks, I am planning to go to Maratua east kalimantan. I heard it is a wonderful islands and has a resort with on-the-water villas. Anyone has experienced travelling there? Any tips and recommendation? Wombat
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    Melbourne Cup 2016

    Indeed!! Thanks Brian
  9. wombat

    Melbourne Cup 2016

    Folks, Anyone knows where to watch the Melbourne Cup free on streaming/live feeds or on any of the local free-to-air or cable TV? Wombat
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    may be you need to clean your keyboard with toilet tissue. Haha
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    Toilet tissues used as general tissues placed on dining table in restaurants.... yuckkkkk
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    Who drinks (alcohol)? Why or why not?

    bintheeenng is good enough for me - but must be very cold, so cold it hurts my throat on the way down.
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    Who drinks (alcohol)? Why or why not?

    Bintang! (pronouced bintheeeenngggg). Because I just want to
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    Funny if it wasn't so sad

    Errrrrr... 1 billion rupiah is not equivalent to 76.74 million USD. helllooo??

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