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    Greetings from Bandung

    indeed ! it is a must place to visit :D
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    Greetings from Bandung

    Ahh i see. so where do you live currently? instead of PVJ i recommended you to visit south bandung like pangalengan or ciwidey, there are many nature places there , so refreshing! :D
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    Greetings from Bandung

    paris van java is 40 minutes from my house (if no traffic) but i can get there easier by my motorbike
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    Greetings from Bandung

    Hello friends!I'm Wishi 23 years old Bandung Native, now still live in Bandung Hopefully, i can get friends across nations here to learn each culture, as it would compatible with my study in International Relations Any of you want to know about Bandung, dont hesitate to ask me. Is there any...

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