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    The Uyghur and China discussion thread

    You ask a question about China being communist. You get a reply discussing communism in China. You reply with a lot of stuff about the US. It seems you just want to vent and shout about the US.
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    The Uyghur and China discussion thread

    You can be a rich capitalist in China as long as you follow the rules of the state, support the state, say what the state tell you to, never challenge the state, and work for the good of the state. If you don't you will have everything taken away from you, it will be given to someone else to...
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    The Uyghur and China discussion thread

    China Daily is an English-language daily newspaper owned by the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party.
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    Travel and the Rapid Test

    After vaccination here I received a certificate with a QR code. It looks like an official document. Are these not accepted for travel?
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    How to obtain Indonesian Citizenship

    Citizenship is what gives people their legal rights, but some countries offer more to those holding long stay visas or spouses of citizens. In Indonesia foreigners have very little in the way of legal rights. If foreign spouses or those holding long term resident visas had more legal rights...
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    How to obtain Indonesian Citizenship

    I believe the UK allows one chance to return as a citizen, if the reason you had to give up citizenship was a valid one. Does the fact that Indonesia doesn't allow dual citizenship and you have no rights here count as a valid reason for becoming a citizen? Would that reason be enough to go back...
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    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Oximeters don't work for smokers, which is a lot of people in Indonesia, because they detect carbon monoxide as oxygen and give higher readings.
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    Small business startup

    Thanks for the info. I will contact BPOM, they have been in the news for catching people selling cosmetics without BPOM authorization and handing out huge fines, so it seems to be a legal requirement to sell cosmetics here.
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    Small business startup

    Thanks Gemima, I thought that all cosmetic products were required to have BPOM testing done? When you do testing for local products, do you provide the necessary certification to sell products legally?
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    Small business startup

    Thanks Bad_azz, it looks like an UD is the way to go. Does anyone have experience with BPOM and registering products?
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    Small business startup

    We are looking to start a small home based cosmetic business. All natural products, creams, oils, soaps etc.. Can anyone advise the simplest type of business to setup, costs involved, and what the procedure and costs are for BPOM? It will be fully run and owned by an Indonesian (wife)

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