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    EPO/ERP How-To Anyone?

    Update @jstar. After further research what I actually meant was ERP tidak kembali. Which I am still trying to wrap my head around. I think I understand that it will be processed when I am out of the country. But not sure what it means when I try to come back in on a tourist visa
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    EPO/ERP How-To Anyone?

    yes @jstar my bad
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    EPO/ERP How-To Anyone?

    1. Thanks dafluff. Will definitely be out of the country by then. Just wondering when exactly to apply for the EPO. Should I go in for it now and tell them the date or wait exactly a week before my flight. 2. Yes upon further research @jstar was right, I did read it off a couple of agents...
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    EPO/ERP How-To Anyone?

    Thanks Jstar I will get to work with that. As far as the SKTT is concerned, the last one expired in 2017, so I don't think I have a current one. Here's hoping that it won't be a problem. There is a fast track but for Australia, it is only available in Australia and UK. The guy at the Embassy...
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    EPO/ERP How-To Anyone?

    I do have pages to put stamps on its just I don’t have full clean pages, that is because different immigrations just like to skip through and put their stamps wherever they want. I obviously didn’t anticipate that they wouldn’t process the KITAS extension because of the full blank pages which is...
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    EPO/ERP How-To Anyone?

    Thought about that mate. But we already bought promo tickets for us and the kids in advance so no refund no date changes there.
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    EPO/ERP How-To Anyone?

    Hi guys. Newbie here to the forum but I used to follow Atlantis and co at the old forum. Must admit great revamp/new forum, am very impressed and so happy to see mountains of info that is available to everyone. Now I just wanted to ask if anyone has step-by-step instructions or experiences...

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