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    How do I pay the USD fee for Limited Saty Visa?

    Immediately and from a non-Gmail address.
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    How do I pay the USD fee for Limited Saty Visa?

    At BNI I did not need to pay in USD. Bank Madiri said because I did not have an account they would only take USD cash. I looked at the line outside of BRI and ran away so I do not know what they would have said.
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    How do I pay the USD fee for Limited Saty Visa?

    Yes, for the low price of $53US you can apply for a new e-visa. Our company is the sponsor and we received an email at the address set up in the visa online system outlining how to pay and both code billings in a PDF attachment.
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    How do I pay the USD fee for Limited Saty Visa?

    Two hours and 15 minutes of my life gone waiting at BNI to make the payment for the visa. Actually that was with going to three different banks in the meantime (Mandiri, BRI and UOB to try and get USD which they did not stock 50s). I finally came back to BNI and was STILL 4 away from being...
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    How do I pay the USD fee for Limited Saty Visa?

    I just ran into the same problem. After trying unsucessfully with UOB and BCA I read the entire email from [email protected] and found this tasty tidbit under Line 3 in the information section: "Pembayaran dollar saat ini hanya dapat dilakukan melalui bank BRI, BNI, dan Mandiri;" So...
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    Gili islands Closed For Two weeks

    Wow, I just spent a week on Gili Air with the family. We came in through Bangsal Harbour on Lombok. Seems like that is now closed also.
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    Indonesian Singer Posts Instagram Video Accusing American Husband of Abuse and This story doesn't add up even with Common Core math. She called the police and they said it...
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    Are Anyone Ever Used this VPN?

    I have actually not been back all year so have not been able to test it. I am only on my first month of Mullvad.
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    Are Anyone Ever Used this VPN?

    Yep. Brown College c/o '96
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    Are Anyone Ever Used this VPN?

    Was a PIA VPN user for about 3 years and found it too slow. The last straw was on a business trip to China where it would not work at all. I have just switched over to Mullvad VPN:
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    How does one Register a new Pre-paid SIM card

    Ouch. That must be exactly what the shop did. I never thought much about their workaround until you just posted this. Is there any way to check the KK number my SIM cards are registered to?
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    How does one Register a new Pre-paid SIM card

    Update: SIMS purchased with no registration still working. Every month I put about 35.000 on them and buy a data packet from IM3. The family uses them as "getting around" phones. It has turned out to be very economical. And I don't have to worry about having multiple SIM cards registered to my...
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    Surat Edaran for Peraturan Presiden No. 20/2018

    The new regulation gives shareholders in the position of directors/commissioners an investor visa instead of a work visa. I switched over from a visa 312 with an RPTKA to a 314, two year investor visa. I received a recommendation from BKPM for that type of visa based on the AKTA of our company...
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    Digital Nomads (sick of them)

    A PT, or PT PMA for that matter, can decide to hire a director on a visa 312. For foreigners who hold a significant stake in a company and want to serve as a director there is a better route. The 313 (one year investor visa) and 314 (two year investor visa) allow a Director or Commissioner who...
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    Digital Nomads (sick of them)

    Not confused at all. Your initial ire, and the whole subject of this thread, is toward digital nomads who are by definition, expats. The automatic assumption would be that an expatriate would desire to set up a company designed for foreign capital. As far as they are concerned more power to...

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