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    very longterm overstay in Indonesia(help)

    it is do-able but than I don't have anything to prove to them that I receive help from my family in Taiwan. and i bet that they will be very interested to make it hard for me to be deported.
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    very longterm overstay in Indonesia(help)

    Thank you Atlantis for trying to study about my case and giving this info to me. my case is very complicated so i really need to find the best solution so my mom wouldnt be in trouble for her. and im also kind of afraid if im not able to come back here to visit my mom anymore.
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    very longterm overstay in Indonesia(help)

    the thing is that the passport im holding now and my taiwanese identity is not the same. or maybe you meant that i just sneak in to taiwan and just turn myself into the police? and just try to explain my condition?
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    very longterm overstay in Indonesia(help)

    I have called my dad and he said that my data is still in the KK in Taiwan (kartu keluarga). and he said that it will not be a problem for me to get the citizenship once I step in the Taiwan soil. thanks for the helpful information atlantis. the problem now is that how am I going to explain...
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    very longterm overstay in Indonesia(help)

    hello guys, I've been very frustrated lately due to my complicated condition. when I was 6 years old my mom brought me back from Taiwan and that was the year 2000. and now I wanted to just go back to Taiwan for good. at the moment I don't have any travel documents its all expired. in here I...

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