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    Wanting to Air Freight / Ship - delicate belongings back to Australia ?

    hi, I ship personal effects to australia regularly. If you have been in Indonesia for more than 1 year, then no need to pay duty and taxes in australia. For 3-4 cubic meters it is better to ship as LCL (less than container load), it takes 3-4 weeks from Surabaya to Australia. custom in...
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    What's the Expected Import Tax for Motorcycle Parts and Accessories ?

    Hello, my work deals with export and import, you can check the HS code, required document and duty taxes at Indonesia National Trade Repository website good luck
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    Moving company (local and international)

    Hello, I work for a moving company, SRT International Movers We provide full moving service (packing,transport,custom clearance,unpacking,setting up). We offer a REASONABLE price and EXCELLENT service. Our major customers are US embassy, Australian Embassy, International school...
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    Import procedures

    based on the custom regulation on importing personal effects in Indonesia, Only one air and one sea shipment of household goods allowed for free duty. however, I have handled some sea shipments which get free duty on the second/third shipment. no idea on air shipment.
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    Bali peeps.... Indrakila?

    Amankila such a lovely private resort
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    Removalist - to Australia

    SRT Movers is cheap and good. It is local owned company but it is international movers. Most of its client is US embassy and Australian embassy.

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