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    Mobil cars

    Looking forward to it. Finally the official Toyota Corolla Cross was released in Indonesia, becoming the Cheapest Hybrid Car in the country. PT Toyota Astra Motor or TAM finally officially launched the Toyota Corolla Cross in Indonesia, Thursday (6/8/2020) afternoon. The launch of the...
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    Bali hippies ignore social distancing rules

    Maybe they are still too ignorant...
  3. Greg Ledford

    Personals and Connections

    You don’t need too many friends, two or three close friends are enough.
  4. Greg Ledford

    [email protected] this what I get

    The flowers look beautiful! By the way, some animals look a little scary under the camera.:cry:
  5. Greg Ledford

    Greeting to meet all!

    Thanks for your welcome and share~ Honda civic, and I like it!
  6. Greg Ledford

    Greeting to meet all!

    Hi, a car lovers here. I'm a car writer (this is rare :LOL: Talk in short, welcome to talk about cars with me and hope everyone healthy and safe!
  7. Greg Ledford

    How is Indonesia's economic state of play recently?

    I think that although Indonesia's economy has been hit to a certain extent, with everyone's efforts, life will get better. I just see this article, the festivel is coming, hoping everyone can be with their families and keep healthy...

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