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    To Thailand Expat in Jakarta (I'm looking for information)

    Interesting your friend says that, I use them all the time and have for years, they don't hide their fee's ever... plus 10 times cheaper than using my bank to transfer to here... at this stage I do not believe they have the ability to send money out of Indonesia.
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    Bringing Food into Indonesia?

    I've got one that I've had maybe 2 or 3 drinks out of and it was only opened as a friend of my wife wanted to try it, OP Bundy Rum needless to say she wasn't keen lol
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    Bringing Food into Indonesia?

    Meh depends on how much you drink, I'm more of a beer guy so I'd rather have my comfort foods :P
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    Bringing Food into Indonesia?

    As another Aussie, I've done the same I brought a few of the largest jars (4) of Vegemite with me, peanut butter you can get here easy enough, if you're a fan of weetbix and dont want to pay $10 AUD for 750 gram boxes I'd be bringing some of them with you over the peanut butter.. Also would...
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    Yeah i'm the same cant stand plain rice at all not even a little, have always been that way, if i cant mix something into it I dont eat it the wife doesn't understand as she's completely the opposite... My Step daughter is more like me which irritates the wife :lol:
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    Aust man jailed 5 years in Bali for drugs

    add in they were in 13 small baggies :/ yeah they weren't dealing at all lol
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    Aust man jailed 5 years in Bali for drugs

    Another moron..... Australian Brandon Johnson and his girlfriend were arrested in Bali with 11.6 grams of cocaine, and have both been jailed for five years and four months. Associated Press FEBRUARY 27, 2019 10:27PM A court in Bali has sentenced an Australian man and his Indonesian...
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    How to get robbed by the banks - Making transfers

    I use transferwise a lot as well to send money from Australia to here and yes rupiah is available.. I'll add in that beyond having a Gold etc account with HSBC or CitiBank no standard Australian bank can beat the rates or the low fees from Transfer Wise, that I have come across yet. The only...
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    What are they teaching the kids here ? Probolingo Independence day

    yeah doesn't loss the job completely, which is what would happen anywhere else
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    What are they teaching the kids here ? Probolingo Independence day

    Seems the Principal has been reallocated to a new position..
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    Where are you from? - Lets see where are most of our forum members coming.

    May as well chuck my two in... Originally from Brisbane, QLD Australia, but joined the Army at 17 had to get my mummies permission :dizzy:, was mainly based at one unit since it was specialised, did a few trips overseas in the time I was in. After I got out I moved and worked all over...
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    2018 FIFA World Cup

    :peace: Yeah it can be a bit annoying at times, some nights better than others. Still better than not getting to watch if you have no option..
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    2018 FIFA World Cup

    For others like myself if you cant get good reception to watch it and have decent internet you can stream it. I use Ace Player its a free download you can get it from here.. Once installed you can get the streams, multiple languages available, from here...
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    Why Men Leave Women...

    I've only got 8 posts well now 9 and I don't see any other advertisements...

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