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  1. brian@bekasi

    Upcoming changes to home ownership laws?

    If they even changed the leasehold system here, it would be wonderful if it was based on the leasehold system in the Australian Capital Territory where the crown (government) owns the land and the buyer leases it for 99 years. Despite being a lease, the land becomes a tradable commodity just...
  2. brian@bekasi

    Building Costs

    Thank you for the excellent advice. I will keep the 5 Jt as my base but increase my contingency a fair bit more. In regards to the Architects, Telly my wife, whom you have met, has gotten the price already down to 100,000,000 per M2 which reinforces what you have said. We are indeed planning...
  3. brian@bekasi

    Building Costs

    I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago that we had sold our house and were moving to Manado to build a new house. I am wondering if anyone has an idea of the current building costs in Manado. I have used 5 million per square metre with a small contingency as my budget figure and intend...
  4. brian@bekasi


    Thank you very much.
  5. brian@bekasi


    Hi all, I have not been a regular visitor over the last couple of years for a number of reasons primarily due to health, a new member of our household, involvement elsewhere and travelling. However, I intend to become a regular again as I always found answers to my question here. My wife has...
  6. brian@bekasi

    Please, any advices about to buy flight tickets to Europe?

    We travelled last month with QATAR to Milan and them caught our return flight to Jakarta from Amsterdam. Economy was 17.5 jt for two us with 30kg luggage and choice of seats at time of booking. 8.75 jt each which was by far the cheapest of all airlines. I find the best best way to find out when...
  7. brian@bekasi

    NPWP and filing

    It is my understanding that if your wife opened the account prior to marriage and you deposited the money prior to marriage you may have a problem from a gift tax perspective. Obviously that may never get picked up by the tax people particularly given that the bank deducts the tax on interest...
  8. brian@bekasi

    Beer supplier Surabaya

    Hi Sorry I have not been online for a long time . PM me if you still need the information.
  9. brian@bekasi

    Opening Ceremony 2018 Asian Games

    Totally agree. I attended the Sydney olympics opening ceremony and in my opinion last night was much better. To me it was a great artistic cultural display which obviously was planned to perfection. I posted well done Indonesia on facebook last night and I say it again. Well done Indonesia!
  10. brian@bekasi

    The Common Reporting Standard For Taxation

    I am well aware of who your post was directed at but I don't think Edward was to blame for any thought that someone was scare-mongering. Edward in a new member and was simply stating possible scenarios. In my response to your post I was simply saying to blame me if you think anymore has raised...
  11. brian@bekasi

    The Common Reporting Standard For Taxation

    I took the information about the US starting in 2018 from the ATO (Australian Tax Office) file. In Trump World things charge daily so the ATO information may or may not be correct.
  12. brian@bekasi

    The Common Reporting Standard For Taxation

    I started the post and not Edward. The purpose was update members on an issue discussed on the forum in the past. It was certainly not to scare-mongering. Everybody's circumstances are different so it may impact on some and not others. By informing the members, they can do there own research...
  13. brian@bekasi

    The Common Reporting Standard For Taxation

    The reality about the CRS is that banks tell governments about customers then Government transfer the names of people and incomes to other countries where they have a possible tax liability. It is up to the government receiving the data (in this case Indonesia) to then recover any taxes that are...
  14. brian@bekasi

    The hilarious truth about every Aussie in Bali, ever.

    Mate simple explanation. Durries are fags.

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