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    Bringing your Mobile Phone to Indonesia and using local SIMcard

    If you register your IMEI of your phone on arrival within 24 hours you are eligible for tax free threshold of 500 dollars. After 24h on arrival you have to pay tax: 10% import tax, 10% VAT, 20% income tax if you don't have an NPWP (tax number).
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    Request: tour operator for Thousand Islands

    I like your idea. I am intrerested in something like this too.
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    As far as I know, to get an ITAP, you need an ITAS-spouse first and the next year you can apply for an ITAP.
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    Land ownership and registration certificate

    You mean: she can have receipts confirming I recieved the money, right?
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    Land ownership and registration certificate

    I made a loan agreement: 25 years + 0,5 % interest per year, starting next month. Would that be okay, in spite of I transferred all of the payments for the house in 2020? If I pre- date the loan agreement, I donnot have proof that my wife transferred the monthly payments to my bank account...
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    Tax Reporting for Overseas Property & Income

    Yes, true. I checked this, asking advice from (well known) tax consultancy firm in Holland. The specific Tax Treaty will have the answers: the country who cannot tax, will either give tax exemption, or accept the tax already paid as tax credit. Btw property (e.g. houses) are always taxed only by...
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    Land ownership and registration certificate

    Actually, the house in Indonesia was bought with saved money, that is regarded as capital (not income) in the Netherlands. With this saved money my wife and I bought the house in Indonesia in 2021 and we recently (2022) moved to Indonesia. The house is not yet transferred to my wife at the...
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    Land ownership and registration certificate

    Thanks Centurion. Do I have to go to a notary to make the loan agreement official? What would be an acceptable time scale and acceptable installment? I also would be interested to know, like helpful herbert, about experiences of WNA and WNI in the same situation regarding paying or not paying...
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    Land ownership and registration certificate

    This trick sounds similar as a foreigner buying property through an "Indonesian representative". Is this still done and legally? In my case my wife and I need to set up a loan agreement, right? That's it? In practice there is no monhtly payment to me to proof that to the tax office?
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    Land ownership and registration certificate

    With these crazy tax policies I can imagine people applying tricks just to avoid paying these absurd tax rates.
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    Land ownership and registration certificate

    Thanks for the explaination. If my wife declares the house of 2 miljard on the tax form, would that be considered as an increase of income of 2 miljard? If so, I just cannot believe a tax rate of 30 % x 2 miljard will be applied. I find that rather excessive.
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    Land ownership and registration certificate

    Let's say the house is 2 miljard rupiah. Tax income rate is 30%, I read online. My wife has to pay income tax, 30% x 2 miljard = 600 juta? Every year? Is there not a different tax rule for property and is there a threshold for property?
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    Land ownership and registration certificate

    I was wondering about the tax, you mention, when a WNA spouse buys a house and put the house on his wife's name (WNI). And they are married with a prenup. What tax implications are there to be expected?
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    Buying a used car - what is to be considered

    Reading this about cars, I have a question. Open the tailgates of the cars in Indonesia not all the way up? I bumped my head now several times against the tailgate of cars (gocars btw). Never had that problem in Holland.

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